The Truth

"You had died... first, you know," says Lola haltingly. "Of the terrible sickness... I don't know that part well. Faeries didn't get it."

Magnatus stares at the table dully, picking at the dark varnish. When he hears Lola, he looks up. 

"I'll tell her," he says grimly. "It's best if she knows..." 

He takes a deep breath.

"When the dark ones first came, they brought a terrible sickness with them... they forced it upon everyone. It ate out your insides... slowly. It was terrible. We submitted and they left, powerful, to rule in their corner. But not before many had died. Including your parents."

I stared, shocked. Lola speaks up again.

"As I said, you died first... and only a baby. They were devastated. But they knew they wouldn't make it and with the help of Tox," here, she nods towards the Spatium on my right, who smiles (albeit sadly) at me for the first time in days. 

"And Venen," -here, another nod, this time to my left- "And Spatium magic, removed a piece of each of your parents souls and put them into you. You were alive. They died shortly after. This is why you're our saving grace. We believe they gave you some lasting protection, giving you so much power. Power the dark ones can't touch."

She nods solemnly and goes silent. Everyone stares at me, waiting for my reaction, like days before. 

I gulp.

The End

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