Something Like a Plan

"Ahh!" I squeal, hugging him and taking us both by surprise. My late-night fears dispense as I see him there recovered. 

"Yeah, yeah, I'm all better now," he says, pushing me away. His tone is sarcastic, but he's smiling. "They released me from prison this morning."

"Before you go totally ballistic and combust or something though, the Alliance wants you. I guess they've got a plan."

My good mood fades slightly. "A plan? What does that mean?"

"No idea, but I think you should change out of yesterday's clothes first," he points out. Embarrassed, I look down to see that these are indeed the clothes I've worn for the last three days. 

"These are the only ones I've got," I explain. But I check the white wardrobe anyway. To my amazement, there are simple clothes that almost look like they could fit me.

"Venen meant for you to have her old room," Renegade explains. "Those are some of her old clothes."

"Get out while I dress," I say indignantly, realizing he's still there. He shuts the door behind him and chuckles.


"Alright, so what's the plan?" I ask cheerily as I step into the parlour, the sun poking through the thick curtains. 

"Simply spoken," begins the goblin, whom I've rarely heard speak,

"We are going to let my people take you."


The End

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