Visiting Troubles

I make my way to the familiar room, passing others that look like they could be out of an 18th-century estate. Which, knowing how strange the place is, it might very well be. Venen stops me in the hallway before, her face stony and cold. "You can't go in."

It's the first time she's spoken to me since when I stomped out of the kitchen ages ago. "I need to tell him I'm sorry," I say levelly.

"He is not in stable condition and the healer has yet to leave the room. Therefore I will escort you to yours."

She takes my arm and leads me up the stairs to a plain room obviously intended for a guest. I take one look at the comfortable-looking bed and sink into it, realising I haven't slept for days and how tired I really am.

"Good evening," she says curtly. 


I roll over and groan, pulling a musty pillow over my head in response to the intruding sunlight. That's funny, I think. The curtains were shut when I went to sleep.

"Are you gonna lie there all day, or what?" 

Someone yanks the equally as musty blanket off me.

I roll over, angry, when I realise who it is.


The End

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