Raining Hell

I walks down the hall to the room that had since become my nightmare. I take a worried, shallow breath as I face the door and reachs for the doorknob. How mad is he? What happened to Renegade? Will he be okay? What if he's injured? What if he's-- 

The door shoots open just as my fingers graze the bronze knob.

"Come in," says Magnatus himself. His voice is grim. With his ginger hair (bushier than usual) and a expression to match his voice -plus his stocky build- he looks like a lion. I gulp.

He motions to a comfortable-looking blue armchair in front of the kitchen fire and I sink into it uneasily. He's already sitting in a much more imposing velvet-and-wood opposite me.

"Tea?" He offers, raising his own cup. "Biscuit?" He asks, lifting a tray.

"No," I say shakily. I'd rather just get on with the punishment.

"To the point, then," he says.

And then the tirade begins. 

"To my understanding, you have disobeyed my orders by going outdoors- with someone who disassociates himself with the Alliance- then proceeded to speak to two neighbourhood outcasts using a false alias. Your presence then triggered an attack of Gorn, who killed four civilians. Xorn ended up showing himself to save both you and Renegade, whom then had a mass (what you humans call) asthma attack and is now being attended to. Is this correct?"

His account is so detailed I assume he must have a spy on me- probably the goblin himself.

"I suppose so."

He gives me a look.

"Yes, it's true," I say quickly. His tone becomes softer and slightly confiding.

"Annemarie, I cannot punish you without results of ill health but neither can I tell you how important it is that you stay inside. You saw what your ten minute adventure caused. We have to keep you inside. You'll go outside eventually, once we have more of a plan. But from now on, stay in the house."

I take this without comment. I start to get up when I think of a question.

"Where's Renegade?"

"I believe you'll find him in his bedroom. Though he is still weak."

I nod and exit.

The End

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