"Gorn!" yells the human boy. All around people are shrieking and running and I don't realise what's going on until I see the Markers: The black trees so like Renegade's, except these are capturing and strangling people.

Renegade grabs my hand and pulls me away, up to the house. Though it's only a few yards away it's hard to get to because of the panicking people and, of course, the trees. I run, stumble, and pant. Seemingly sensing my distress, two trees close in around me, grabbing at my ankles.

A blast of brightly coloured roses sends them shuddering back and they're so bright and so many I have to squint to see.. They didn't have any direction from me and I'm confused, still being dragged on by Renegade, when someone opens the house door and yanks us inside. Whoever they are their hands are slimy.

My eyes adjust to the dimmer lighting of the house and I look around for my rescuer. Renegade is gasping beside me as I look up... then down.


"Got yourself in a wee bit of trouble, haven't you, pretties?" he says, his bright orange, bottomless eyes staring into my own faded blue. 

I gulp. "No," I say stubbornly.

The goblin only bursts out laughing. His laughter is dark and coarse, making me flinch. "No, no, of course you haven't. Only nearly been captured and killed by some Gorn. Nothing big, no, not at all," he screeches. 

"It's... alright, Anne... marie," Renegade pants. I look at him. He's still having trouble breathing though mine has calmed down. He's leaning against the door and starting to slide down. I look at Xorn and then realise it's futile- he seems in no mood to help as he stands there smirking.

Tox appears out of nowhere and lifts him up, frowning, as if he knows exactly what's happened. He doesn't even look at me and that's how I know how disappointed he really is.

"Magantus wants you in the kitchen," he says softly. 

The End

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