An Entirely New World

I survey the town. Because we're on the top of a hill, I can see a pretty good chunk of it, but I never expected anything like this.

Surprisingly the houses are pretty normal, except for the one behind me -a sprawling, light blue home, complete with a tower- but it's the sky that's really spectacular. It's a mellow shade of orange, tinted with yellow, though I'm guessing it's only four in the afternoon- maybe four hours since I was back on Earth.

Kids are playing on the sidewalk. One bumps into me as I stand there, still surveying the place.

"Watch it," he hisses. He seems to be a smaller version of Tox, but with different hair. Spatium for sure. I don't see a lot of people like me. I also observe  I'm shivering, even though it's supposed to be summer.

Even as I think this Renegade drapes a coat over my shoulders. I willingly pull it closer.

"It's cold out here," he says. "Though, it is winter, what else would it be," he snorts.

"It was summer on Earth though," I say confusedly. 

"I think they're opposites. Whatever season it is on one planet, it's the opposite season on the other," he says thoughtfully. "Come on."

We've barely stepped onto the greenish sidewalk when a couple kids run up to him. One seems to be human, with bright red hair and the other, a girl, looks to be half faerie, half Spatium- Bright blue but with the same raining sparkles as Lola, with no wings. All sure to be outcasts, I note. Just like Renegade. 

"Who's she?" the human asks rudely. "She looks like one of us but there haven't been new humans in the neighbourhood for forever."

I glare, offended. "I'm Ann--"

"Annalise," finishes Renegade quickly. He shoots me a look that says "You have to stay undercover. They aren't supposed to know you're here." 

"Yeah," I say hurriedly. "Annalise. I just moved here from the other side of town."

"Oh, that's lovely," says the Spatium-Faerie in a dreamy, sincere voice. 

I don't get a chance to comment before hooded figures run out from behind a few nice, suburban homes.

I'm not worried- just mildly curious- until they start screaming.

The End

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