Later On

I finally escape after about everyone warning me not to leave the house. I snort at this- like I'd want to. I don't see a point in it. Wandering through the house at leisure, I look for Renegade, but not really minding if I don't find him.

I'm looking through what must be the foyer, marvelling at the high ceilings and chandelier and wondering how this place looks from the outside when I bump into something.

Looking forwards again and jumping back with a little shriek I realise it's a someone, not a something.

"'Sup?" Asks Renegade with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Sorry. Didn't notice you were here. I didn't even know you left your room except for food," I remark. 

"Hey! As unlikely as it may seem I do have social life," he says with a mock-insulted manner.

"Okay, so where are you going?"

Renegade replies with that famous one-word answer. 


He brushes past me. I touch his arm, making him pause. His skin is surprisingly warm for being so pale and cold-looking and I can feel a tingle going through me, making me blush. I ward it off.

"Can I come?" I'm gripped with a desire to escape and have fun, unlike the apathetic mood I was in minutes before. 

"Sure, but I thought for sure they'd all keep you under lock and key here," he snorts.

"Well... technically, I'm not supposed to go out, but..." I give him a pleading look. I can't stay here forever. 

For reasons unknown to me he grins. "Come on then. Let's get out of here." He grabs my hand, sending a shiver up my spine, and opens the front door.

I'm met with an entirely new world.

The End

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