To The Kitchen

As I shut the door behind me, Tox comes running down the hall. He seems winded.

"Annemarie, we were afraid you'd left, thank the stars you're still here-" He cuts himself off abruptly when he notices what hall we're in.

"You didn't come out of that room, did you?" He asks.

"Yeah I did," I shrug. It's not a big deal. "I met your brother."

He looks disgusted, a side of him I haven't seen before. I don't think I like it. "Him? Yeah, he's not part of the Alliance." He doesn't give me a chance to comment before he drags me back to the kitchen.

Everybody looks so relieved when I walk in that I immediately feel guilty. Do I really mean that much to them? They did know my parents, after all. Maybe they're glad to have me back. Or, like Renegade seemed to suggest, was I just their weapon? The words come back to me. "Your lies are extremely powerful, Annemarie... Possibly the only thing that can save us."

I force a smile as the fairy, Lola, goes into a frenzy. She even tries to hug me. "Thank the creators above that you're still here. Now. Magnatus will fully explain. Please, don't run off again."

I sit down at the table and drain the remaining dregs of cold tea, staring at him patiently.

The End

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