I slam out of the kitchen and run down the hallway. I'm still crying when I stop in a random room and slam the door shut behind me. Hopefully it's far enough away from the kitchen that they won't pursue me.

I try to get a grip on myself as a sink to the floor, leaning against the closed door. I know I'm acting childish but it's all a shock. A lot of shock today, Venen in the garden and then that invasion. I realise I probably shouldn't have left; they could have cleared that up. I finally look up, drying my eyes on the hem of my t-shirt. 

"Ahem," an annoyed voice says. My gaze darts around the messy room, which I take to be a bedroom, until it finds its occupant in a corner.

He steps out of the shadows. "I'm Renegade Leviter and I believe you've just barged into my room... have you not?"

I can see why his parents named him that. Unlike the fair haired Tox and Venen, his hair is dark and his eyes are somehow different than the normal Spatium purple. Almost blue. His skin almost human, extremely pale with only a tinge of blue.

"I'm s-sorry," I hiccup.

"I suppose you're this Annemarie everyone's been raving about? Dragged here from Earth. Sucks," he says, not acknowledging my apology. He talks a lot like the teenage boys back home and I'm guessing he's around that age.

"They should just leave other planets out of it. They tried to ally Earth into this battle, once. Government sent up a fleet of troops. The Gorn wiped them out in about a week but not before one fell for my married Mum. Venen was young and Tox was younger and nobody knew. So they had me," he rolls out dully. "Half human, half Spatium freak. I barely even look like them and trust me, I pay for it," he says, pulling up his sleeve to reveal thin bluish scars. "There are some humans here but half breeds don't usually appear... the flack about it has driven me to be what I am now."

I snort slightly. It seems Earth really has interfered in a bad way.

"I take it you aren't a part of their lot then?"

"The Alliance? Nope," he says. "I mostly just stay locked up in here. I want this thing it to end no matter which side wins. But since they dragged you here I'm sure you're useful to them and they'll probably be wanting you back. It's been nearly twenty minutes."

It has. I didn't even notice. 

"I should be going then. Thanks," I add unexpectedly. "You made me feel better, somehow..." Maybe because I'm not the only one with a bad situation here. I rise to leave, but before I turn the doorknob I'm struck with a question.

"How old are you?"

"Fourteen," comes the absent reply. "You?"

"Thirteen." And somehow, I walk out of the room smiling.

The End

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