Confusion Cleared-Or Not

I straighten in my chair as Magnatus stares me in the eye. They're purple, just like a Spatium's. When he speaks, his voice has an edge.

"I am going to tell you everything flat out. No lies or deception. I expect the same from you, Annemarie, do you understand?" He asks the question with a sense of urgency. 

I nod as all eyes turn to me, feeling a bit weirded out. Why is this so important?

"Good. We need you to promise because lies are your big power, Annemarie. Most people just have Markers, but your rose, so well fitted to your personality. It deceives you with it's beauty, and then you get pricked."

"Your lies are powerful, Annemarie. And possibly the only thing that can save us," he states solemnly.

I look around wildly. Me? Power? That's a joke. 

"Why are they powerful? I mean, doesn't anyone else's?"

Lola shakes her head. "From Faeries to Gorn to Spatiums, I haven't seen anything like it. We don't know exactly why and your parents couldn't tell us. We thought it best not to pressure them so much, considering..." she trails off, sniffling and wiping her nose on the ends of her shirt.

I look at her suspiciously and take another sip of my now-cold tea.. "My parents, well... my Mum, is still alive on Earth," I say. 

Magnatus shakes his head. "Not your adoptive mother. Your real parents. They died soon after your birth of sickness. Your father, knowing of your potential immediately, sent you to Earth behind your mother's back. He thought it unwise to keep you here with what was going on, and he was absolutely correct. But that's off the point," he says, getting the common Earth phrase wrong.

I hardly notice. I'm still trying to wrap my head around all of it when he starts talking again.

"No, stop." I'm so confused. I thought it was all going to be clear but I'm already upset and we've only just touched the tip of the iceberg. 

"I just need to be alone." I stand from the table, sloshing tea over my place, and flee the room, tears gushing from my eyes.

The End

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