Roses and Shock

Venen speaks, her voice stunned. "Annemarie, I knew you had a Marker but... I had no idea it was like that!" Her vines are swirling around her of their own accord in an excited way. 

Tox helps me up, carefully navigating his way through the broken tile and dirt covering the floor. His Marker follows him- colourful flowers with centres that are actually lights. In a large quantity they're pretty bright and I can see how they can be useful as a defense. I've also noticed mine are the only ones who have broken the floor.

"Are you okay?" He asks worriedly as a disentangle myself from the roses so unwilling to leave me. I have a few scratches from the thorns but nothing worse. 

"I'm alright," I reply shakily. I approach Venen. The roses follow me, leaving a path of dirt and broken tile. Glancing behind me sheepishly, I stop. "How do I...?"

"Dimmitte," Says Venen helpfully. The roses slink back into the ground, leaving a neatly plowed trail of floor pieces and dirt. 

Magnatus finally speaks. When he does his voice is barely above a whisper and sounds just as shocked as Venens' was. "The rose... so apt, thorny and hardy but beautiful... this is the only Earth plant I've seen made into a Marker."

I glance at him confusedly. "What?"

"We better sit down and discuss this," says the fairy. She has a bright, silvery voice. "It'll take quite a long time to explain all of this and I'm sure Annemarie hasn't had tea as of yet."


Twenty minutes later a fire is roaring in the kitchen hearth and the hanging copper pots are glistening. The broken wreckage was taken away and another table, equally as large but round was put in place of the other. Now, Tox, Venen, Lola, Magnatus, Annemarie and the being who still has not spoken are gathered around it. 

I'm studying the unspoken thing with morbid curiosity as I sip my hot tea. It's bald and a mottled green colour. He's staring at me equally as intently but with disgust. 

"Human. Nasty humans, taking over, fighting," it mutters under it's breath in a raspy voice. My curious look turns to one of anger. 

"Now that we're all comfortable, I think it's time Annemarie learns exactly what's going on," says the glittering faerie, Lola, in a commanding voice. She's surprisingly take-charge for such a dreamy appearance, I observe. 

"I agree," says Magnatus.

So it begins, I think.

The End

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