"What's going on!?" I yell, but no one hears me over the foreign words being yelled and the swirling colours. Swirling colours... 

Tox pushes me under the heavy dining room table, yelling. "Stay there, Annemarie! You have to stay safe!" 

I curl tightly under it, terrified. As I watch everyone's feet and ankles I realise more things like the unspoken thing in the corner next to Magnatus have appeared, along with hooves I don't recognise and some kind of glitter hitting the floor like raindrops. I can't tell whether any of these new beings are on our side or not.

The table rattles and I roll out of the way as it cracks in half. The fray is in full view now and I realise the flashing hues are really various plants. The only difference is that these plants are moving impossibly- they must be everyone's markers. Their various owners are directing them with shouts and screams.

One of the hoofed beasts is getting closer to me. It's forcing me into the corner and everybody else is occupied. It stares down at me with a reddish, piglike face, snorting and huffing. My pale blonde hair is actually being moved from the breeze it's snorts are creating.

Before I know what I'm doing, the word comes out of my mouth in a strangled, fearful squeak. 


Roses erupt from the floor around me, cracking the tile floor. At little direction from me, they attack the pig-beast, scraping him with their thorny beauty. It gives a squeal and scrambles away. My saviours themselves have settled around me, perfectly harmless and swaying occasionally to an invisible breeze.

In the time it took, the rest of the odd beings have disappeared, leaving the kitchen in varying degrees of destruction. The only one's that haven't gone is the original unnamed creature and another, a floating, sparking fairy-looking person in vivid green. Magnatus is there, barely scratched, but Venen and Tox are in horrific states.

Just one thing: They're all staring at me.

The End

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