I land on a tile floor, gasping and out of breath. I feel like I've just been put though a compressor. As I regain control of my breath I notice several pairs of eyes on me.

"Oh hullo!" a voice says cheerily. I look up and I see it's another thing like Venen, except he or she is tinted more purple than blue. As I glance around I see I'm inside of some kind of kitchen, and there are more like Venen. There's also a large man with stringy ginger hair who seems mostly human, though with a very strong and bulky build, and a smaller creature whom I can neither describe or identify. 

The first creature speaks again. 

"I'm Tox Leviter, Venen's brother. I just joined the Alliance. Welcome!" He looks at my curiously. I return the favour and I notice that his hair is a bliding white, though he doesn't seem that old.

"Where am I?" Is the first thing I ask. The ginger-haired man speaks up. He has a slight accent that I can't place.

"You're in the Leviter's house, in Abscon, Europa. I'm Magnatus."

I'm immediately struck with a sense of awe, to be answered by the man in charge. But I'm also curious- if he's king or whatever, why is he hiding in Venen's house in a seemingly obscure part of the country? Before I can ask, he starts talking again. 

"You are Annemarie Kent." It's a statement, not a question. "Yes... Now, I suppose you wonder why I've brought you here?"

I nod. 

"And, I suppose, why I'm here hiding in a kitchen instead of sitting on my royal pedestal in the Capitale, eh?" He looks slightly amused with himself. But before he can answer any of his own questions, Tox yells.

"Intercluderent!! Sir, they're back!" 

The End

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