"But... no!" I splutter. "What about my mum? My friends? Why do you even need me? I'm perfectly happy where I am!" 

Venin looks pitying, but I can tell she's annoyed by the way her vines are slowly sprouting from the ground and curling around her ankles and spewing the acrid poison. I double take. How did I know that? 

She explains patiently-I know she fully expected me to come with her at once, no questions asked. 

"Your mother will have her memory modified- she will not remember that she has a daughter or deceased husband and will be relocated to south of London to live a very happy life. Your friends and school will be informed that you'll be moving- in short, that's all taken care of. As for why, you'll have to report to Magnatus for all the details, I can't really explain here- we're running out of time."

I stared at her, slightly angry. At first her appearance had shocked my abilities out of me, but my craftiness was starting to return.

"So who is this 'Magnatus'? What does he do? I'd love to meet-" I gasp, choking. My tongue has been immobilised. 

Venen looks at me sternly. "No lies now, poppy. We're going to Aliis now, hold on."

Still unable to speak, I am thrust into whiteness.

The End

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