Curl, Tighten, Writhe

Deadly blue, these thick vines curl around me, tighter, tighter, until I believe I'll pass out. I can almost hear my deceased father's voice from years past, calling from the study... "Annemarie, look what I found. Annemarie, I've got something for you. Annemarie... Annemarie..."

Curl and twist.


The last action is mine. As the vines twist around my ribcage, my neck, crushing my windpipe, I finally take action. Struggling to breathe, to remove myself from these unearthly and carcinogenic spikes.

"Tear, consume... destroy." 

They almost hiss the words as they rip into my flesh. Feebly, I fight back. I manage to break a few spikes digging into my neck. They ooze acid green poison. But it's no use, they climb too fast, they're too strong. They don't even belong in my garden. 

I'm giving up, the world is fading out, and then an ethereal being appears in front of me.

"So sorry, poppy, they usually don't do that. Dimitte."

The vines slither away from me as the figure in front of me slides in and out of view- clad and skinned in the same deadly shade. As far as I can tell, it's neither male or female.

It slides out of view for one last time, and I black out.

The End

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