Species Descriptions

So this is a guide to "The Life and Lies of Annemarie Kent." It contains descriptions of species, Marker spells, and so on. I decided to write this because even though the story only has a few pages as of yet the story contains so many spells and species I thought I'd write a guide. -Spoiler Alert-

Humans: As you, dear reader, are one, you know what they look like. However, only the humans that have been born on Aliis have Markers and other wizardly powers. Humans are about 2/3 of the Aliisian population.

Spatiums: With their trademark violet eyes and blue skin, Spatiums are easily recognisable. Their body shape is a lot like the humans', except their blue skin ranges from an almost purple to greenish tint. They are the only nonhuman beings to have Markers. However they can use their Marker spells on people (unlike humans) as exampled on Annemarie with her tongue-tying. They take up a lot of the 1/3 nonhuman population.

Goblins: Short, stout, and hairless, Goblins have a ruthless side. Xorn is the only known goblin to revert from the Dark Forces. They have no special powers, however their ruthlessness and cunning, combined with a weapon make them powerful foes. Majour part of the Dark Forces. Are rarely seen in public and few know they exist.

Faeries: These, besides Spatiums, are the most-seen and liked magical beings. Humanlike except for their nicely sized wings and the fact that they rain sparkles. They do not have markers though they have some power (such as repairing things with a snap). Their Good/Dark Side status is split 50/50 and there is a lot of conflict amongst them.

Sordeus Portens: Short, squat, and piglike, totally unhuman except for their eyes. Powerless but absolutely evil and have unthinkably cruel weapons.

Gorns: Gorn are dark skinned beings that look quite human, except they all have black hair and large, batlike wings. They have markers but all of them are the same- thin, black strangling trees. They, along with Portens and Goblins, are the majority of the Dark Forces, numbering at 1/3. The other 2/3rds are composed of Portens and Goblins.

The End

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