When Ms. Annemarie Kent, previously of Essex, England, is swept into a different world unto itself, she learns that things are not always what they seem. In fact, a dark force (largely composed of Goblins) are taking over and the country's leader is reduced to hiding in a house. Only Annemarie and her lies can save this planet... but will the lies undo or save them?

"I am doing my homework, Mum."

Another lie.

My life is full of them, ranging in size, from white lies to pure-and-downright falsehoods. I sigh and close my computer lid. 

No response from the kitchen.

I react with another statement, one of truth this time.

"I'm going outside, Mum." 

Stepping out of the back door and breathing the fresh air, I smile, looking through the gardens. It's peaceful- Our part of Essex, though a suburb, isn't particularly busy. It's beautiful, too, and has a magical quality about it. Even now, as I sit among the roses, I feel this magical presence more than ever.

I look around. On two sides are other people's backyards, dirty, grungy, filled with rusted out grilles and last winter's firewood. Behind me is my own brownstone two story home. But in front of me, it's the moor. Oh, the wide, open moors, filled with heather and the feral moor ponies.

I lean back against a tree, and I start to doze off. I dream. Vaguely, I see a blurry world full of merry laughter, swirling, vivid colours and then the smell of drink... another, a strange bird with a long bill that seemingly insults me. The rest is a senseless but pleasant and happy-feeling dream of pink...

When I awaken, I am entangled. 

The End

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