Bloody LightingMature

Chapter 2

           This is new, hand of the clock turning backwards. I stood up and slowly walked up to find out what it was. They were located on the wall that was behind the TV. Suddenly a voice echoed through my head “Creda! Run! They will find you and kill you! Run! Run!” it kept repeating. I collapsed on my knees holding my head. The voice was so loud it made me dizzy. It immediately stopped when I head the knock on the front door. I looked around thinking maybe someone was around me at that time, and looked at the clock which was back to normal. What the heck was that? The knock on the door repeated again.

            I stood up and ran to the door. When I opened it I found myself looking at my mother with about 10 people standing behind her. She smiled at me and stepped into the house. “Sorry about the mess but please do come in.” she waved a hand to signal the invitation. All of them were big buff men that looked like soldiers to me. They had leather jackets on like bikers and lots of belts on their shoulders, legs, and waist. When I looked closer they even had pockets for guns! I was about to scream but one of them glared at me and I shut that thought. I closed the door after the last one came in and heard another knock. I found myself opening the door to Cyre.

            “Cyre? What are you doing here?” I whispered. I didn’t want her to come in and think I’m planning world war 3 or something. But she brushed me aside and walked inside. Why is she here? I followed her behind to find myself being the center of attention. “Why is everyone staring at me? Did I do something wrong?” I said out loud to my mother. But she too, ignored me and looked at a man who had a big suit case in his hands.

“Where is it? Where’s the money? The 5 years are up. Give it to me.” she was on the verge of screaming from excitement.

“Jeez lady. We were given orders to kill her first and then give u the money.” He said bluntly.

What? Kill who? My heart stopped. Wait 5 years, poor woman picking me up even though she is poor, and friends saying that I was her friend since kindergarten. It all fits perfectly. I’m the one to die here! I’m the one to be killed.

“Wait! Wait just a moment! What did I ever do to deserve death?” I screamed to get everyone’s attention. I thought I was about to have a panic attack right there on the spot.

“Your existence is the reason. You beasts have to die when you are born but unfortunately you can’t die until you’re 15, you are a special case.” Cyre said with disgust in her voice. “By the way I was promised money to my family. My mother is about to arrive too. I think it was 2,000,000 dollars right?” my legs gave out and I collapse on the floor once again.

“This can’t be happening, it’s not true! IT’S NOT TRUE!” I yelled at them while holding my face in my hands. It’s not true, it’s a lie! I trusted everyone I thought I was wanted in this world! I don’t want to believe this!

Another knock on the door, this time Cyre opened the door. It was her family: her mother, her father, and her older brother. Behind them were my mother’s relatives, but today they looked different. They looked fancy and rich, with toxoids and fancy tops. 

“Welcome! Welcome!” my mother greeted her sister and her 2 brothers, and hugging her mother and father. She guided them inside; several people looked at me with a death glare.

“Now, can we begin?” one of the 10 men said looking at the suit cases.

“Fine! Here’s the money.” The other one snapped and opened 2 suitcases packed with $100 bills. Everyone’s eyes widened and they all ran to check it. “You don’t need to check it. You don’t be able to use it anyway” he whispered. My gut told me that something traumatic is going to happen right now, something huge that I will remember for the rest of my life. That’s when he pulled out the gun and the other 9 men followed his actions.

“MOTHER! CYRE! LOOK OUT!” I screamed at the top of my lungs while launching at them but I was too late. Lighting stuck and a flash of light opened my eyes to the horror. Each man took a person to shoot. One shot my mother and the other shot my best friend. My relatives started to panic and run but each of them fell, one by one to the cold floor that I couldn’t feel anymore.

No! It can’t be that they are dead. Everyone is just playing a prank on me right? I stared at my mother who was staring at me. She mouthed to me “I hate you” and her eyes never blinked again “MOM!” I yelled the last breath of my voice. My world came to a stop. Tears started to drop down my check bone. The lighting struck again and instead of it being all white it was all red, colored in blood.

I ran over to Cyre, she had a wound in her stomach. “Creda” her voice was weak. “You were never wanted in this world. I hated you from the very beginning. I had to put up with you because of money. Just the sight of you makes me sick!” she coughed out blood. And died in my arms, not moving ever again, not laughing ever again, and certainly no smiles that were directed at me that made me feel warm. I was an eyesore to everyone’s lives.  I was lied to the whole time. I was hated from the shadows of my own family and my close friend who I trusted the most in this world!

“Why is it me?” I said standing up. “Why does it have to be me?” I asked the men.

“You are an unwanted being on earth. There are lots of you out there but we just happen to find you 5 years ago. We wanted to kill you right there on the spot but your type are immortal until they reach the age of 15. You carry a heavy scar, you must die.” A black hair man said to me while pointing the gun at me. He was the one who killed my mother.

I was standing there unmoving. My eyes were frozen, I was not myself anymore. Not the Creda that was an hour ago she is long lost in the past. My whole family telling me that I was sold to get killed, that they hated me for something unknown.

“Wait! Sir, please reconsider this. She’s a 15 year old girl who just lost her whole family in front of her eyes!” a young many around his yearly 20s blocked the path of the gun.

“Move or I will shoot you too.” The leader ordered. But the young man didn’t move.

“Fine, as you wish.” The sound of the gun stuck as the young man fell to his death onto the floor. I stood there unmoving an inch. I was horrified, not for myself but for the people around me. I looked around and found myself drowning in a blood bath. I was cover in blood; my hands, my face, my shirt. “RUN!” a voice screamed in my head. “I TOLD YOU TO RUN! NOW!” it repeated again.

“Now it’s your turn.” He said reloading his gun. I looked around, ways to get out. Right side is the door, left side is the window to a rose garden, upstairs is the roof, and downstairs is the basement. No choice but to go window, who knows what’s waiting for me out on the front porch. I dashed for the window.

“You little… SHOOT! SHOOT HER!” he ran after me. Sounds of guns scattered all around, one hit my leg and the other hit my shoulder. Bleeding and limping I made it to the window and jumped out. The rose garden connected to the forest, which I was found in. I ran as fast as I could and not looking back. “Leave everything in the past” I said to myself. Hearing voices and footsteps behind me, I ducked down behind a tree.

Footsteps came closer and closer. Did they see me?

“FIND HER! WE CANT LET HER ESCAPE SO EASYLY!” I guess not. There were several gun shots and screams. Why are they killing each other? Then Cyre’s text popped into my head. THEY are here.

“What’s going on? Why did you kill him?” the leader asked.

“I don’t know! My body is moving on its own!” someone else said. His voice was closer to my hiding place. Another gun shot and a sound of the body falling. Footsteps came closer to me. Who survived?

“What a pain” It’s the leader! Oh crap! I’m dead if I don’t move now!

“Search over there! I’ll search over here” his footsteps came closer and closer to me while others were moving farther away. I couldn’t stop shivering. My heart was beating loud enough for him to hear.

“Found you” he whispered. His breath was near my ear and his gun was pointing at my forehead. My eyes widened and I was still shaking.

“Why?” I asked with tears flowing down my cheek.

“Because you are the very thing that kills humans. You are the reason that the world might come to an end or to a new beginning. “His finger pushed the trigger. NO!

“Huh?” he kept on clicking it. “WHY WONT IT WORK?!” he screamed. Someone came rushing to his rescue.

“Sir, we are on THEIR territory. Our guns won’t work here! We have to get out of here.” A man around his 30s warning his boss while gasping for air.

“Shit!” he bit his lip thinking. Now’s my chance, I have to run! Dodging his hands I ran for the dark woods. They tried to catch up to me but I was faster and lost them along track. “I’ll kill you one day I swear!” he warned me.


The End

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