The lie behind the truthMature

Lowliness… Pain… Hate… Fear… It’s funny how you can never get away from them. Even if you are loved, hate will exist and stand right by its side. Though pain makes everyone stronger, you have to suffer to get a great amount of strength. You humans don’t want to die therefore you are driven by fear of death and sorrow. When you lose the most important person in your life, you feel lonely and helpless because you can’t do anything about it.

Each person is given a reason to live at birth. The reason why you exist today is because you still didn’t accomplish your role in this life time. Once you completed your quest, you are free from this world. But some people never had the chance to stop and think… “What is my purpose in this life time? What is the reason that I’m still alive?” I had the chance to stop and think. It began on a peaceful day. I decided to skip school and sit in my living room watching some boring TV show, when all of the sudden the hands of the clock started to move backwards.

       Chapter 1

            “How boring” I said to myself while opening my eyes. Every single day I wake up and say the same thing over and over again. I’m bored with everything. Everything is the same, every single day of my life. Go to school, go home, eat lunch, watch TV, do homework, and then go to sleep. The next day is the same and the one after that and the one after that one. It’s like being stuck in time and repeating everything, the hands of the clock will never move.

            I jumped out of bed to a freezing floor. Tip-toeing to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I looked at the clock and saw the hands moving forward. A deep sigh escaped my mouth, lies. My house wasn’t that big. It was located in New Jersey near a forest. Though many people think it’s one of those creepy forests that no one come back from but I’ve been there several times and thing has happened. I put on my favorite dark blue shirt that said “Aeropostel” written in white letters on the side. And my second favorite shorts because my other ones were in the laundry. I rushed to the doors to put my black Edhardy shoes on.

“Mom! I’m leaving now. Bye!” my voice echoed to my mom’s ears.

“Take care! Make sure to come back strait home. We have visitors.” She yelled back. Visitors? I wonder who it could be. I grabbed my backpack that was covered in pink and black swirls. I loved it so much because of the colors. It felt to me like one color was devouring the other.

            Stuffing toasted bread into my mouth and running outside to catch the bus. The bus stop was a few blocks away from my house. I was afraid to ride a bike to school because someone might steal it there. Hey, we are in 21stcentury, anything could happen here. It’s not like it was back then, 1980s, 1950s, or 1800s, but even then things were stolen.

The weather wasn’t that great today. Dark clouds were swallowing the sun with a cold wind as their sidekick. A tall Oak tree shook its beautiful crown. It’s been here before our grandparents. It was nicknamed ‘Ancestor’ because of its age. I always thought that trees had their own language and their own understanding of humans. Maybe we appear as monsters to them and that’s why they keep silent. Every day when I pass by it, I always pat the branches and greeted it in a historical way of bowing and lowering your head. People thought I was a lunatic, which made me laugh. But today it was a bit different, I thought it was trying to say something to me, warn me about something that I never saw coming. I thought it was saying “Run! Be careful!” I froze when something touched my shoulder.

            “Morning!” Cyre said to me while turning me around to her. She had the most beautiful grey eyes and long flowing black hair. “Morning Cyre!” I answered back with a grin. Cyre was my best friend since kindergarten, that’s what she tells me. I have no memory prior to age 10 and no recollection of who were my friends and what my family was like. I was found in a forest near by the house that I’m living in right now. Covered in bruises a gentle lady took me in. Her name is Alexandra Bachmeier, a woman with short, curly, blond hair who was in her late 20s. Although she was very poor I was very happy that someone would want to take me in.

“Earth to Creda!” Cyre’s hand waved at me. “What are you thinking about?”

“Oh, I was thinking about what a wonderful friend I have. Haha” I said it in the most sarcastic way possible. She glared at me and smiling said “Oh really? And I thought I would give you a piece of this chocolate bar I just bought” I gassed and attacked the half eaten chocolate bar. “Thanks” I said, finishing bar. It’s always fun with Cyre, I trusted her the most. I would say she is the only friend I have because I can’t trust anyone but her, and if there’s not trust there is not friendship. I lifted my head up at the deserted sky and asked Cyre “Have you ever thought about why we are alive?” She gave me a puzzled look, “No, never thought about it. If we are alive, what’s the point of wondering why we are still alive? We live for our benefit and no one else’s” her voice was firm and very serious. “Look the bus is coming” she pointed at a dark figure moving this way. The bus was heading in an enormous speed in our direction. I was very confused. Isn’t he going to stop? No, he was heading straight towards us like he is about to crash. Several people started to run.

“Look out!” someone screamed. I looked at Cyre and she was frozen. “Come on!” I screamed, but she didn’t move. Her eyes were fixated on the top of the bus, not inside the bus on the driver, but on top of the bus!

            I pulled her hand and dragged her “snap out of it!’ I tapped on her cheek lightly. Her face was so pale that I thought she was a ghost. Her grey eyes were in terror. She was shivering too, which really creped me out but she nodded and started to run alongside me. We ran into a nearby park just in the next block. I stopped by a bench and let Cyre sit, waiting for the crash of the bus. But nothing happened; it was so quiet that I thought that maybe we all have died already.

            What the heck just happened? What kind of maniac would try to drive a bus at 7:00 A.M. and try to kill someone. New Jersey is a peaceful place, mostly villages and small towns. I’m defiantly over thinking this. Was it just my imagination? But that wouldn’t explain why other people thought that the bus was coming toward us. Also Cyre, she was holding to my hand so tightly that I thought my arm would fall off. Normal people would just run a few feet away from the crash zone but I was so scared for Cyre that I didn’t know where I was going.

            I put my hand on her lap and said “Everything is going to be alright. Don’t worry it was probably some drunkard.”

            She looked at me and her eyes became wide. She became paler and paler every second I looked at her. “C-C-Creda” her voice was shaking while holding my hands. “I saw them. I saw them on top of the bus.” Her eyes started to tear and I reached out to hug her so she could cry on my shoulder. ‘Them?’ does she mean demons?

            Cyre told me many things about demons and spirits. She told that sometimes she could see them before something huge happens, like a car crash with 20 deaths or a plane crash. Cyre told me about how they looked. Sometimes they were see-through and looked like water, other times she told me they looked trapped in something like they were in pain trying to escape. However, she was never this scared in these past 5 years I’ve knew her.

“The-They were black, with red eyes. I’ve never seen them before, when I saw their faces they were grinning. They weren’t in pain. They were smiling that someone was about to die. Creda! They were smiling!” she screamed at me, her hands tightly squeezing the back of my shirt. Black, red eyed, grinning demons? I was terrified for Cyre, what would happen if I were to see them? I think I would probably pea in my pants if I did. I waited until Cyre calmed down and was able to walk again.

“By the way, if you see demons before something traumatic happens, where is the crash?” I said wondering. But she shrugged with an “I don’t know” I don’t think she would lie to me at this kind of situation.

We both walked back to the bus station and so did everyone else. There was a huge crowd and many ambulances. The bus was safe and sound but the bus driver had black markings on him. A half opened eye was marked on his forehead with deep cuts around it. “Cyre, do you know anything about a half opened black eye on someone’s forehead?” I asked.

“No, but I’ll search it up today and text you if you want.”

“Thanks. I’m going head home for today. I don’t want to go to school after this. What about you?”

“No I have to go to school my mom would kill me for skipping a day.”

“Feel better. Take care” I hugged her and watched her run toward the direction of our school.

            I walked slowly to my house. What if I just died right there and then? Would I regret it? I thought about it for a few minutes and found an answer: Yes. Yes I would regret it because I don’t even know what happened 5 years ago. Was I an unwanted child? “Ugh!” I screamed out loud while slapping myself. “Stop thinking negative thoughts!”

            I walked into my house dropping all my stuff off at the doorway. I turned on the TV and while falling onto my couch my phone made a knocking sound which meant I got a text. It Said:


Hey its Cyre :P I just researched

and found what that half opened black eye meant.

 It’s a sign of possession.

 The thought of demons possessing someone never even crossed

 my mind, Creda. Well anyway I gtg my class is about to start.


            “What wonderful news” I sighed to myself. Things just couldn’t get better huh. My arm went numb and my phone dropped onto the comfy couch. At the corner of my eye I caught a movement, and when I turned to look what it was I found myself staring at the clock; the hands of the clock were moving backwards.

The End

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