Ms. Williamson's Beginning

The fifth grade class at Dixie Elementary School does't really enjoy going to the Library. Most of the students feel like they are "too old" for children's books, but have no interest in reading the BIG books for their reading level. Their interest in the Library is quickly getting smaller and smaller. However, little did they know that the Dixie Elementary School Library is no ordinary library. At night, the sections in the Dixie Elementary School Library come to life! Can a night spent in the

The fifth graders at Dixie Elementary School no longer enjoy going to the library. They feel that the Library is only filled with "baby stories" or "boring adult stories". The interest to attend the Library is getting smaller and smaller. And the Librarian is running out of fun activities to try and get them excited about reading again.

The Librarian comes up with one last plan, desperately hoping to show the students how fun reading can be! She decides to host an over-night field trip for the fifth grade class inside the library. She put together a fun schedule of reading different books, doing fun crafts and activities, even playing library games. Anything to show these students how fun the library really is! Little does she know exactly what happens at the library at night time...

The Locked Up With Books event begins on a Friday night as the fifth graders, reluctantly, enter the library after being dropped off and left by parents. Each student is really unsure of what to expect from the night... but none are prepared for what they will discover!

The event starts with a pizza dinner and some fun library games. Once it gets closer to midnight, the librarian puts the students into three different groups. Each group is assigned a part of the non-fiction section of the library that they are to find 10 fun things about what that section offers. The three sections are as follows: natural science (500s), arts and recreation (700s), and history and geography (900s). The goal of the assignment is for each group to find fun and interesting things in their designated section. The Librarian is simply hoping that this will begin to get the students excited about their appropriate reading level books. Since it didn't take very long to put the students in their groups, the librarian was a few minutes before schedule. So at 11:55, she sent each group to their appointed section and told them they had until 1:00 a.m. to come up with their 10 reasons that section was fun!

Each group went to their section, not quite sure of how they will find anything "fun"... let alone ten fun things to report back to the librarian and class. At midnight, the Librarian decided to walk to each section and give each group a one hour warning. However, when the librarian walked around, she found no students. She knew they had not left the library since the only exit was beside her desk! Where could her students possibly be?!

Little the Librarian or the fifth graders know that the Dixie Elementary School Library is no ordinary Library. At midnight, every night, in the Dixie Elementary School Library, each section of the library comes to life! If anyone is standing in a section when the clock strikes midnight, that person will be pulled into that section's world! So, while the librarian simply wanted to the students to use their imaginations to truly find fun in each of the 5 sections... the students would actually get to experience each theme in real life!  But could all the students really survive in the real worlds of space and wild animals, arts and sports, and wars and histoical events?

The End

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