For he is my loveMature

It had been twelve years since she had married Luke Favarotti. The Mary who was once a nobody, had finally become a respected lady of high society. Yet underneath that image, there was a  greedy woman who loved her husband's money even more than she had loved her former lover John. This last one had been for several years the business partner of Luke. Despite that, Mary still became his lover. She found that she no longer was motivated by only revenge, yet simply greed itself.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Favarotti" said Bernard, "yet detective Hughes is here to see you".

"Oh Bernard, please take him to the office, I will shortly arrive there" replied Mary.

"How weird, John always replies my calls. John, John, where are you? Please call me, I need you". Mary thought and thought, what could have occurred to John. She then proceeded to call the number John gave her the previous night, which was their last night together.

"Hello, can I please speak to Jean Claude?".

" With him speaking, what do you want or need little lady?'

"I am calling you on behalf of John M ,he asked me to call you to see if you carried out the little favor he had asked you for. I am sure you must recall that it consisted of disappearing a prominent figure, an aristocrat."

"Oh yes, lady, I did carry that out. I'm sure you will be quite pleased with it, once you hear of how I did the little favor for the lad".

"I beg your pardon" she replied, "what are you trying to imply?"

Jean Claude then said: "Well madam,  what I meant was simply that though Mr. M paid for one person to disappear, instead he received a 2 for 1. Two prominent figures have disappeared, not just one. Goodbye, and tell Mr. M that I enjoyed working with him. Good day".

Mary was now further perplexed. Not only was she still angry because John had paid a cheap low criminal to kill her wealthy husband, but that he had confided in this man, with such an important task she herself could have done. This cheap criminal could also sell him out, and then she thought, John would surely be ruined. Then she recalled that the detective was waiting for her in the office. She quickly proceeded to the office.

" Detective Hughes, forgive my tardiness."

Detective Hughes, examined Mary from head to toe, despite being a mother and wife, he thought she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

" No need to apologize Madam F. Rather I think the news I bring will take you quite a time to accept. Shall I tell you the good or the bad news first, Madam F. ?"

She felt her heart beat faster and faster, could it be, that the low criminal had successfully eliminated Luke for good? 

"Detective Hughes, I have always trust in your guidance, and that you are a sensitive individual. Tell me these news as you think best for me to understand."

"Madam F. an unfortunate accident occurred in the last hour".

"Does it have to do with my family, detective please tell me I must know!"

As the detective began to unravel the tragedy to Madame F. of her husband and his partner's tragic death, he noticed in  Madame F. a sense of satisfaction rather than the profound sadness he had anticipated.

"So then, Madame, your husband and his partner, suffered a severe car accident in which they not only crashed into another car, but fell off the cliff. Thankfully I don't know how, your son Lucas Jr. has somehow survived ".

Mary felt her heartstrings pull at her. Her only child, the one who would lead to finally securing Luke's fortune had survived. If he would have died as well, Mary knew her life would have no meaning, because above her greediness, Lucas was her baby, her child.

"Detective, thank you for personally coming her to tell me this. Please take me to my son and John as soon as possible."

"And your husband, Madam? asked Hughes."

"Sorry detective, I meant my son and Luke, you must understand this news has been so prompt, I cannot think straight."

"Yes, sorry Madam, shall we go then?".

"Yes Hughes, let's go".

On the way to the hospital,  Hughes contemplated the idea of that finally he had found his chance, to make Mary fall in love with him.

"What's wrong, detective?"

"Nothing", he replied.

As soon as they arrived, Mary ran to her child's side.

"Lucas, sweetheart, mommy is here. Wake up, wake up."

"Excuse me Mrs. Favarotti", replied a young doctor. "But your child suffered a severe head injury. I don't  know how long will he be out. Yet besides, that everything else appears to be normal, except for a broken rib."

"So you're telling me, my son is in a coma? So there is nothing we can do?"

"Yes, in a coma, Mrs., but my team and I will do our best in whatever we can. Mrs. Favarotti, please be patient, and have hope, little Luke will wake up soon." The doctor then left the room.

How could this happen to me, she thought. "My beautiful little boy did not deserve this, he has harmed no one." John then came to mind. Mary cried and cried holding Luke Jr.' hand. "Luke J, why did John have to leave me, why, why.."

Mary cursed  over and over, why, why did you have to be with him then. "I hate you John yet still love you".

The End

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