Chapter 50Mature


I stayed the night at Alex’s. I got there first and fell asleep on his bed. He didn’t join me so when I got a call from the principal about teaching mathematics in Africa for two weeks, I decided that both of us needed a real break. The phone call happened after Alex went off to work, giving me a sign. I wrote him a letter about me going to Africa, packed my things, and got on the plane.

The principal works fast when it makes her look good.

The letter said:

The reason that I lied that I was married was because I was annoyed at Cassie. The reason that I said your name was that, every time that you would be around me, my senses would sharpen and I would look around, trying to catch a glimpse of your deep blue eyes. I was already sinking six feet under and when you agreed to play the game, I was so overjoyed that I took massage classes, almost died so you wouldn’t be under pressure to protect me, and fell deeper in love with you.

No matter of what type of feelings that you hold for me, I will love you, but right now I think it would be good for both of us if I leave for a while, especially because all this is too much for me to handle. I learned so much that it makes my head spin and I just need to do something that can take my mind off it.

I’ll be gone for two weeks in Africa, teaching math. I have so many emotions within me, that I need to let them out and I think by being away, I can do it. Please don’t hate me for doing this. I hope that you will wait for me.


With all my love,


The End

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