“What bookings have been made?” Mr. Ivan questioned from down the long table of my board members.

“Five already for the summer of this year and bookings I assure you will be coming thick and fast once word gets out.” I tell them strolling around the front of the room. “Families are struggling to find rooms left.”

“How are you dealing with this?” Mrs. Dales ask, lowering her glasses giving me the usual look.

Before I could open my mouth to answer, I heard the repetitive sound of a heeled shoe on my tiled floor coming closer and the thumping heart beat calling to me. My beauty in red, I glanced at my watch seeing that the meeting was running over, Mr. Giv stopped her and I thought to quickly wrap up the meeting. I needn't of bothered though.

The doors were thrown open and Amy came in all guns blazing. “Why the hell didn't you tell me!”

Shock filled the room from the humans but I didn't worry about it. “Love, this really isn't the time or place.” I tell her. I tried to make light of the situation but even I felt the hardness of my eyes.

“Well, maybe you should just snap my neck now and be done with it.” Amy said, daringly keeping her dark eyes locked with my own.

In a flash I was before her. “My office now.” I whisper, lowly trying to keep my composer without snarling.

“You don't get to boss me around.” Amy said unfazed.

“10 minutes,” I inform her and turn my back. I didn't wait to see if she would leave and go to the elevator or carry on walking. If she wanted answers then she had better be prepared. But first I had to attend to the humans who had witnessed our so called domestic. I slapped my hands together making them jump. “Ladies and gentleman, if I could just have your attention.”

Matt was pacing then stopped as he saw me. “Boss I-

“Save it,” I snap walking past him going into the lobby and breathing deeply to see where she went. Following her scent I entered to elevator loosening my tie and ripping it in my hands. Her heart beat was steady but I wondered if she was trying to mask her anger now that she wanted more detailed answers.

I opened my door seeing her sat at my desk as bold as brass and if it wasn’t for the circumstances I would put her across the hard dark wood. Putting that thought to the side I strolled into my office, her dark eyes watching me as I pulled out a chair and sat down in a relaxed poser.

“Acton paid you another visit,” it wasn’t a question but an observation as I caught his lingering scent. “What did he say this time?”

“That I belong to him thanks to him attacking and drinking my blood when I was a child. He wants to use me and when he’s finished Acton plans to change me over.” Amy said unflinching.

“No,” I growl.

Amy raised an eyebrow, “would it that bad if I were a vampire?”

I was shocked by her reply and stood. “Yes,” I say and then see her expression. “If Acton was to turn you, then you won’t make it through the change.”

Amy’s heartbeat stopped for a moment as my words sink in, “I’m not weak.”

I walk around the desk and take her hand. “You may have some blood link to him, but creating a vampire is harder than it seems.”

“Tell me.”

“A couple could be madly in love, blood shared and he wanted the change as much as her, the human may still die. Some say it’s fate, the gods, either human or vampire no fully committed but not every change has a happy ending.” I kept my attention on her making sure that Amy was following. “That is why we can’t create an army of vampires, nature did not intend for that to happen and created a loophole.”

“How many have you tried to turn?” Amy asks her brows frowning judgingly.

“Not as many as you may be thinking, a handful of deaths are on my hands,” I say and Amy pulled her hand. “But many are now living long lives.”

Amy nodded, “like Matt?”

It was no surprise that Amy had worked out our connection, she stood gathering her thoughts moving away. “Is that because you're a born vampire that he survived as well as the others?”

I went to my top draw bringing out two glasses and a bottle of whiskey, “he told you that chestnut did he?”

“Yes and that you will simply snap my neck when you are finished with me.” Amy says with her back to me.

I pour us a drink  Acton really is a charming fellow and one who needed to be dealt with.

“You lied about your age,” Amy said turning to face me, her thoughts were all over the place as she tried to piece together information.

“How so?”

“You said you was over 300 hundred years old but I don’t understand how that’s possible with what Matt told me.” Amy began to pace. “You're a born vampire of the first generation, that means you should be much older.”

I sighed, “I didn’t lie to you Amy, that afternoon when we spoke I told the truth of my age and of everything else.”

“But then...this still doesn’t make sense.” Amy ran a hand through her firely hair confused and took the glass that I offered her. “They could only have one child.”

“You may want to sit,” I tell Amy who complies listening intently. “It’s true that only the first generation can bear children once in their lifetime. But if they mate with another then they may be bless with another child but the mother carried the risk of not surviving. That is where the legend of demon children came from.”

“which are you then?” Amy questions.

“Second generation,” I take a sip of whisky.

“Why didn’t your parents have you, erm well... early sorry.” Amy’s cheeks were pink as she looked away.

I hold my smile, “a lot of things happened in the past, vampires didn’t jump on each other the moment they were created.”

A smile did break through then on her face. “Can you have children?”

I sat back on my desk, “I do not know, if a union was blessed, if it was intended to be, if fate had a plan for why nature allowed it then maybe. It doesn’t concern me though.”

Amy nodded, taking a sip of whisky and pulled a face as the burning sensation went down her throat.

“Alex, I need to know, do you plan to kill me?”

I put aside our glasses, taking her hands into mine again, her pulse racing in her veins that I could see as well as feel.

“I have never lied with my affections for you, everything that I did and made you feel that was no trick,” I tell her looking deeply into her eyes. “After the past few weeks, how can you ask me that?”

“Because, I accepted my fate when I choose to stay with you and knowing what you really are, what you could do to me.” Amy stood determined. “I will not wait around for you to kill me.” Her fiery hair was pushed to the side.

“Good.” I say step forward taking her in my arms, running my nose up her neck inhaling her scent. “Where is your fighting spirit now?”

“I knew you were too good to be true, I guess you live up to your vampire name.”

I kiss her neck, “I told you once that I care for you.” I tilted my head back. “That was also no lie.”

“Care enough not to kill me?” Amy whispered keeping her gaze steady.

“Killing you, would cause my heart to lose it’s beat, that’s how much you’ve gotten under my skin.” I explain meaning every word and Amy gasps.

We titled both of our heads but, our lips did not meet and I was left with only her scent and her heart beating echoing down the hall.

The End

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