Chapter 48Mature


“Today, you can watch me work on a client,” Nadine said.

“Fantastic,” I told her sweetly.

“Girl, you look like you’re on cloud 9,” she laughed.

“I am,” I replied dreamily.

“Come on. He’s waiting in room one,” she said then and I follow her in. My happy mood turns sour the moment I see her client. “This is Acton.”

“Stalking is illegal,” I snapped.

Acton takes an intake of breathe. “You slept with him.”

“He’s my husband,” I replied.

“After you learned what we are, you still slept with him. Did he feed on your blood? Did he make you moan?” He asked.

Nadine looked absently outside the window.

“He’s my husband,” I repeated.

“And you belong to me,” Acton said, raising fast and then pinning me to the wall.

“I belong to no one,” I replied and pull off his arm from my neck and punch him with the other.

Acton goes down and wipes his bloody lip, surprised.

“Considering that I was in a good mood before you showed up. How about you scram or I’ll kill you,” I threatened.

He gets up and smiles. “You don’t know what he is.”

“He’s a vampire like you,” I snarled.

“He’s worse. With me, you know my intentions. I want to drink your blood, have my way with you, and turn you into a vampire. But, with Alex. Both of us don’t know what he wants. A man like him don't date humans, even if they do have power. A man like him gets his drink and goes on living,” Acton said.

“What’s so different about him?” I asked.

He smiles evilly. “He’s a born vampire. When he’ll be bored with you, he’ll just snap your neck and you won’t be prepared. I on the other hand will tell you when I will be through with you. Think about it.”

Then he’s gone.

“Oh my goodness. That went fast. I’ll see you next saturday for your last lesson,” Nadine said, walking me out.

I stand outside, not feeling the breeze and absently watch Matt run over. He sniffs the air and looks wildly around.

“He’s gone,” I said.

“You hurt?” He asked.

“Alex is a born vampire?” I asked back.

“You need to talk to Alex about what he is,” Matt said.

“Not right now,” I said.

Matt tilts his head and eyes the hotel.

“Oh, no. You’re not telling him that I know,” I said quickly and drag him with me to a coffee shop.

Matt pays for our coffees while I the black table top and think.

That’s two warnings. One from Crystal and one from Acton. Two warnings and I do not know what to do. Crystal, though her nature was not trustworthy, sounded like she knew what it felt like to get hurt by Alex. Acton, on the other hand, has his own agenda which seems to be an open and shut case, though, it is probably not. Matt did not deny when I asked him about Alex so that means Alex really is a born vampire. But, what does it really mean?

“Here’s your caramel macchiato,” Matt said, setting the cup in front of my nose.

“Thanks,” I replied and eye Matt.

Matt was made by Alex so Matt used to be human.

“What is a born vampire?” I whispered to Matt.

His hands twirl his coffee.

“You better talk or I will want to test myself on you,” I threatened.

“A born vampire is a child of the first generation of vampires,” Matt replied.

I blink.

“The only ones to be able to bear children would be the first generation who came from the devils. The originals were able to give birth only once so there is not a lot of born ones. Rare really,” Matt explained.

“Fantastic,” I replied sarcastically.

“Are you scared of boss now?” He asked. “Your umm lack of fear is definitely something weird.”

“I almost died, testing myself. Do you really think that I would be scared?” I asked. “Chances are that, I’m either going to be done in by Alex or by Acton. Either way, I think I need to enjoy my last moments.”

“Seems like you’re okay with death,” he said then.

“I accepted my fate when I learned the truth,” I replied. “I’m not young. I feel much older than I am. I was supposed to die when I was little so I think of me reaching 30 was a gift.”

“You should tell Alex that. Wonder what he will think of that,” Matt said.

I look at my watch. “Sounds like the right time to go over now. I was only supposed to be finished with my lesson right about now.”

The End

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