“Here, I think we deserve this,” I hand Amy a glass of white wine.

A sigh escapes her lips before she smiles taking the wine, “I'm guessing this is from your private collection?”

I sat on the sofa and brought her legs up across my lap. “You guessed correctly.”

Our guests had left not long ago, the dishwasher was humming away in the background, I rolled my silver grey sheaves to my elbows and Amy’s heels were discarded next to the shoe rack. We sat peacefully, taking sips of our wine and with the candles flickering. It created a very calming atmosphere.

“Do you hear that?” Amy suddenly said.

I tensed straining my ears but hearing nothing out of the ordinary.

“That is the sound of a Cassie free zone,” Amy sighed happily.

I rolled my eyes. “Now now love, don't lower yourself to her level. Although, my ears couldn't take anymore of her annoying voice.”

Amy chuckles which makes me smile, all of the tension and stress was fading away. She made the perfect hostess. “You was brilliant tonight.”

“I was following your lead and with Cassie here too I had to keep a level head.”

I almost choked on my wine as her scene with Cassie outside of the bathroom replayed through my mind.  

“Everything okay?” Amy asks not even batting an eye as I faced her.

“I am yes, our poor cake knife however,” I pull a face and I notice then that I was running my hands lightly up and down to her knee.

“What did you say to Cassie and her husband, when you walked them out?”

“Simply to concentrate on their own marriage,” I say taking a careful sip of wine.

“And the rest?”

“Drive safe.”

“I know when you’re avoiding me, Alexander.”

I turned sharply to her, surprised that she had called me by my full first name and enjoyed the way it sounded coming from her lips. I wonder how else it could sound.

“I like how soft your skin is,” I told her  trailing my fingers down her leg. “Just how sensitive it is.”

Amy saw the devilish glint in my eye. “Alex don't you dare!”

With one arm I held her feet and started to tickle them with my other hand.  

“Ss stop. It. Noooww!” Amy hollowed as she tried to kick her legs free. One of her legs got free and caught me on my chin. “Oops.”  I grasped her foot admiring it and kissed her ankle bone traveling my lips further until I was bracing myself above her body.

I licked my lips, Amy eyes following the motion and her breathing becoming shallow as her mind whirled. “Time for bed.”

Amy took my meaning the wrong way as disappointment flickered through her eyes, “it has been a busy day afteral and I’m feeling tired now.”

“Hmm,” I trail my hand up her side. “Not too tired I hope.” I move off Amy, pulling her up and kiss her lips but pull back moving my lips away playfully when she tried to kiss me.

Amy stepped back her eyebrow raised, “like that is it?”

I walk around the room blowing all of the candles out, take her hand leading her into the master bedroom and spin her around.

“I don’t want to ruin your dress,” I whisper placing my hands on her shoulders and moving them down hearing her high pitched gasp as I move to her back unzipping the dress. The dress revealed her lacy deep red underwear, Amy turned round to face me confidence in her eyes and I didn’t hide my mine from gazing over her body.

“Don’t ruin these,” Amy said and held her bra strap.

I hold Amy’s waist and move us to the bed, “I’ll buy you new ones.”

Amy laughed and I kissed her deeply allowing her tongue access this time, her leg bent upwards and I pushed myself forward. I remembered to take my mouth away giving her chance to breath, Amy’s fingers went to my shirt buttons, my shirt was open and I lent back holding her whiles kissing her eager lips. Amy moved to kiss my chest, gripping my shoulders, I tilted my head feeling her lips on my neck, her lacy breast pushed against my skin, her racing heart beat was more than just blood lust within me. I needed to take control and lightly caressed her lacy breasts, feeling her gasp on my neck then with a feather like touch I moved my fingers down her body.

“Alexander,” I smiled hearing my name and then I kissed her again as a moan of delight escapes her sweet mouth.

~       ~       ~

I woke hearing a disturbance from outside and growled to myself after hearing the drunk humans finally move on. Not that it fazed Amy, who was lying on her side and the gentle breathing sound coming from her lips told me that she was sound asleep. I reached for my phone seeing the messages that needed a response and quickly I replied before settling back down for a few more hours. My eyelids were just dropping as I felt a arm come around my waist and Amy coming closer molding herself against my skin.

The alarm went off, waking both of us from our peaceful slumber and I stretched turning the blasted thing off. Amy yawned against my chest where she lay, my other arm was wrapped around her and as much as I wanted to leave her to sleep we needed to get up. I lightly kissed her forehead, her frown twitching and her eyelids lifted.

“Morning,” I say and smile as she nestles herself closely.

“It can’t be.”

“I’m afraid so love, we have things to do today.” I shake her shoulder and feel her huff before Amy uncurled herself sitting up with the blanket to her chest.

“I best go for a shower, can you hand me my robe please?” Amy asks with her cheeks with a hint of pink.

I get out of bed feeling her eyes on my body wearing my black boxers, I stretch showing off and collect her robe with my smug smile on my lips.

“You love showing off.” Amy commented as she wrapped the robe around her body and I held my hand for her to climb out of bed.

“I haven’t a clue,” I say and leave her to get ready.

“I’ve got my lesson this morning,” Amy says, after I asked her about her plans for today. We were both sat at the table, Amy eating her breakfast as I drink my coffee.

“At the salon? I can give you a lift then. I’ve got to go into work today and deal with some business.” I tell her and see her smile. “Maybe you could come to the hotel and we can have lunch?”

“That be great.” Amy replies her smile growing and a warm feeling drifted from her.


The End

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