Chapter 46Mature


I believe Cassie’s game of taking Alex from me, helped me bring out my super hearing because after I left the kitchen, I heard everything. Pain, I find it to be the perfect stimuli to bring out the senses.

When we entered the dining room, Cassie was picking up her all too shiny bag.

“I am sorry to have to do this, but I have a brewing headache and there are still books that need to be edited,” Cassie excused herself.

“But, you didn’t have dessert yet,” Matt said and I smiled at him with appreciation.

“Please excuse us,” Ed said, rubbing her hand. “Thank you for a great time. Matt you have interesting stories.”

“Thanks man,” Matt said. “It was great meeting you.”

“I’ll walk you out,” Alex said and let go of my hand. However, before he moved too far, he stepped back, leaned in, and kissed me on my cheek. I let out a girly giggle and watch the three walk out of the dining room and head down the hall.

“She hasn’t changed at all, huh, girls?” Hayley commented.

“Changed?” Megan asked.

“The headache?” Hayley asked. “That’s what she would say in college after one of us caught her trying to steal one of our boyfriends. She dreamed of stealing Amy’s so I guess stealing Amy’s husband would be better.”

“Oh,” Megan said and laughed. “Glad she failed. I totally forgot that.”

“Great,” I said. “I live for Cassie to have her dreams come true.”

Seconds later, the whole table is laughing and Alex walks back in, eyeing the table. He snickers, pretending that he heard nothing, but his amusement was present behind his eyes.

“So, let’s finish the food and then dessert, now that the host is back and did not run away with Cassie and Ed? What’s for dessert anyway?” Chris asked.

Alex rolled his eyes. “Strawberry shortcake.”

“Great,” Chris said. “I’ll help you out with that after we eat and have more chat.”

“He has a serious sweet tooth,” Hayley said and we all laughed again.


The next thirty minutes went much better. Alex was more relaxed and calmer which was good. Hayley told more stories of her memories from college and how she likes being out of there and loves her job as a lawyer. Megan chipped in with how though she and I have left college, we were surrounded by beings worse than college students, but with high schoolers. Chris said then that his niece got into serious trouble in high school and he needed to hire a lawyer. Hayley ended up being his lawyer and after that they just fell in love. Romantic. I was happy to hear that Hayley grew out of Cassie’s shadows and felt that maybe we could be better friends this time around.

“I’ll be right back.” Hayley said and got up from the table after her plate was empty.

“I’ll come with you,” Megan said. “I really want to tell you about my maid of honor dress. It was so much fun, but a really small wedding because Alex did not want paparazzi.”

“We’ll get that dessert,” Chris said, getting up and Alex followed.

With the boys in the kitchen and the girls walking towards the bathroom, Matt and I ended up being alone at the table.

“I smell Crystal. You girls met then,” Matt said.

My fingers ended up bending the knife that my hand was playing with nervously as I was thinking about what would happen after the dinner ended. With my luck, someone else will interrupt our alone time.

Matt eyed it. “Girls shouldn’t be able to do that.”

I shrug. “I’ve gone through some changes.”

“And, yet you’re still human,” Matt observed.

“Yes,” I replied.


“I’m so jealous of your dress,” Hayley said walking back into the dining room, followed by Megan. “Must have cost a fortune.”

“My wife needs to have only the best,” Alex said as the he reappeared with Chris.

Hayley glares at Chris.

“Dude, you’re getting me in trouble here.” Chris nudged Alex.

Alex winks slapping Chris on the shoulder, “just treat her right mate and a gift every now and again will keep them sweet.”

“It’s a good thing that Matt is Alex’s best friend. Means he’s well trained,” Megan added.

I break out in laughter, thinking about just how much Matt does for Alex and note to self to ask that if they really are friends and not just boss and employee. They have a good chemistry.

“Matt and I will clear the table,” I said getting up, “since you guys got dessert.”


Quickly we had the table cleared out, I started making tea in the kitchen while Matt collected small plates and gave a new knife to Alex for the cake. Matt also somehow hid the bent knife. Alex probably noticed but the guests didn’t.

Matt took the platter with tea cups and I followed with brewed tea and plate filled with lemon and sugar squares.

“Speaking of gifts, I think ladies need to give their partners gifts as well. Hayley gave me a new tie. Amy what did you do or give recently to Alex?” Chris asked.

I tilt my head and glare at him. “I see payback is for dessert.”

“Hmm,” Alex said. “I can’t think of a thing.”

“That’s because it’s still in the works,” I told him. “I took masseuse courses so I could properly massage your back and shoulders after a hard day of work.”

“Now, I’m in trouble,” Hayley said.

The End

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