Everyone was sat at the table, I was pouring wine for our guests and while Amy was plating the stuffed peppers with couscous and melted cheese. I left to help Amy to bring in the starters, she was just finishing plating, her dark eyes concentrating on the task and her body relaxed as I put my hands around her waist.

“Don’t stress love,” I tell her and kiss the back of her head.

“I’ll try, those are finished now,” Amy points to the small plates and I take three at once seeing her eyes roll. “Show off.”

I wink as I leave grinning at our guests, I hand them out, Amy follows with two plates and I go and collect our plates. We were sat together at the oval table as I wanted to be close to Amy, not wanting her to feel alone if we sat opposite each other, Matt sat on her other side and to my annoyance Cassie was on my left her leg pressed against mine. A part of me wished that we were at my house, the dinner table there was much larger and allowed space. However, after hearing Cassie and Hayley commenting on everything, their interesting growing in the bedroom I would cope with the oval table for one evening.

“This is great Amy,” Ed said swallowing his third bite.

“Thank you, Alex helped too.” Amy said, taking a sip of wine and glancing up at me.

I felt Matt staring but pretended not to notice, “well I picked out the peppers and put everything in the dishwasher.”

“You’ve certainly got him well trained,” Hayley commented and looked at her husband Chris who was paying more attention to food.

“I’m sure he’s not completely trained.” Cassie said, more to herself and stroked her foot up my leg. I didn't react to her move, but judging from her feelings Cassie saw me as a challenge.

“I'm just going to check on the main, excuse me,” I say leaving the steady conversation. Amy looked up but was distracted by a question about work from Hayley. I opened the oven, enjoying the meaty spice that waffled up my nose, Amy’s veggie dish smelling just as good next to it, I listened in as Amy continued to play the perfect hostess and went back to the dining area. Everyone was almost finished with the starter, I stood behind Amy’s chair and lightly ran my fingers were her skin was showing. I pushed my lips to stop them from smiling when Amy stuttered mid flow.

“How did you two meet? Cassie mentioned some hotel?” Hayley asked, placing her knife and fork down.

I did smile then and rested my hand on her shoulder, “Amy came into my hotel Antico along with Megan and the other teachers. I passed by and well I couldn't keep my eyes off her.” Amy brought her hand up to mine. I notice Chris and Ed look at Amy with appraising eyes, until they felt my glare and soon diverted their attention.

“You distracted me from my work more like,” Amy commented. “Is everyone finished?”

A chorus of ‘yes thank you’ followed and we took everyone's plates away while Matt asks the men if they watched last nights basketball game.

“Am I really that distracting?” I ask mildly.

Amy didn’t turn from the fridge as she was checking on the strawberry cheesecake for dessert, “you stopped me from working.”

“Right back at you love, I was dealing with a thief problem and there you were.” I tell her and notice her lingering before Amy faced me.

“And here we are now.”

We stood staring at one another, Amy wasn’t masking her feelings they were flowing between us, I move in front of her one hand holding her face and her breathing changing as I lowered my head when I felt someone watching.

“Have you got another bottle of, oh terribly sorry to interrupt but we’re dying of thirst,” Cassie stood and didn’t look sorry at all. I suspended a growing growl, Amy gritted her teeth before smiling and went back to the wine rack.

“White wine, if you’ve got another bottle.” Cassie added with an irritating giggle. Amy clenched her fists, her veins straining under her skin and I heard the deep breath that she released. Cassie came and stood next to me while Amy was reaching for a bottle from the fridge and without turning went back into the dining area.

I went to follow when Cassie placed her hand on mine. “Alex I thought we could have a chat, Amy is my friend afteral and only see it as my duty.”

My tolerance for this woman was wearing thin and if she continued, Cassie would be on the wrong side of my fangs.

“Enlightening me then.” I turn giving her my charming smile.

Her fingers stroked over my hand, my ring and crept up my arm. “Amy is not the one for you, I say this as her friend but you're not her type.”

Well she wasn’t too far off the mark, but I’d be damned if I let this two face human insult Amy anymore. I could feel my fangs throb, her pulse was racing as I stared at her. “You are nothing sweetheart.” I removed her hand roughly and enjoyed her shocked reaction.

“Alex, don’t be like this.”

“Don’t ever speak about my wife in that manner again.” My voice was like steel as I spoke and let go of her wrist in distaste. “Go and powder your nose, your mask has cracked.”

I saw that Amy was missing from the table, I heard the tap water from the bathroom and wondered how much strength Amy had with her hearing. I caught Matt’s gaze and whispered lowly for him to call my mobile and then made the excuse to everyone as I went into the dark bedroom. Sure enough a few moment’s later, Cassie and Amy bumped into each other.

“Just powdering my nose,” Cassie said cheerfully.

“Before you do,” I couldn’t see Amy’s face but judging from what I could feel and her too sweetness it didn’t surprise me when Cassie was pinned against the wall. “Keep your cheap manicure paws off my husband.”

Cassie gasped and then composed herself, “or what?”

Amy lowered her hands, her face was calm but her eyes were as cold as her voice, “you really don’t want to push me.”

Cassie swallowed before walking back down the hall, Amy let out a breath and heard the creak of the bedroom door as I leant against it.

“I really should get some oil for this door,” I comment and walk past taking her hand. Amy squeezes tightly.

The End

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