Chapter 44Mature


“You know that we don’t have to open that door,” I tried to be romantic.

Alex laughs and smiles. “After they’re gone, we’ll have all night.”

I blink and rub my red cheeks. “Just for that, you open the door.”

He rolls his eyes and I watch him slide towards the door. Guess, vampires have that something to their walk. Need to ask about that later.

I quickly put on the white apron to cover my dress and open the oven, looking at the chef’s delicious dish.

When the door opens, there stands Cassie with her husband, Ed, and I see see Mari walking over with her husband, after I peak from the kitchen.

“Alex!” Cassie says with a flirtatious look and hugs him. Quickly, he pulls away and shakes Ed’s hand.

“Ed,” the man says.

“Alex,” Alex replies. “Please do come in. Amy is working on the finishing touches in the kitchen.”

“Ah, perfect timing,” Cassie says and kisses Mari on her cheeks. “Hayley and Chris, this is Alex, Amy’s too good looking husband.”

At this moment, I was taking out a wine glass to pour cold water out of the fridge and it shatters in my hands from annoyance.

“Please, make yourself comfortable in the living room,” Alex said. “Oh, perfect, Megan with Matt are here.”

“What’s up?” I heard Matt ask and smiled. I liked Matt’s easy going attitude.

“I’ll be right back,” Alex told them and appears in the kitchen. “They are getting to you already?”

“Very funny,” I muttered and licked my bloody finger.

Alex comes closer and takes my hand in his, bringing it to his lips. My heart starts racing and Alex licks off the blood that kept coming. My cut closes up like it never happened and Alex smiles.

“Better?” He asked.

“That was bold of you,” I flirted back. “Now, set the food onto the table and I will go get them.”

Alex stays quiet and lets me pass. My finger still felt tingly from his tongue and my mind wandered off to an unappropriate place.

“Hello everyone,” I mustered upon entering the living room.

Megan turned with the girls and to my satisfaction, Cassie and Hayley looked absolutely shocked. Their husbands eyed me like eye candy and I smiled.

“I, I love how you still have your paintings from college,” Hayley said.

“Thank you,” I replied. “I couldn’t part with them and I’ve added more to my collection.”

“This is nice,” Megan chipped in. “The four gals are back together just like in college. Brings back memories.”

“I hope that you all are hungry,” I didn’t help out Megan. “I cooked loads of good food. Alex made the meat ones, as I am vegetarian.”

“Still?” Cassie asked surprised. “I thought that you grew out of that?”

I smile, digging my nails into my dress. “That’s not something that one grows out of.”

“Beautiful wedding photos,” Ed said, understanding that if he didn’t step in, this dinner would turn into a bloodbath.

“Thank you,” I replied. “I really like how they turned out. Alex knows the best photographers in town.”

“I see that your aunt made it to the wedding,” Cassie commented.

“Yes, it was one of her last good memories,” I lied.

“That’s wonderful!” Hayley chipped in a little too happily.

“Yes, it is dear,” Chris pulled her in and glared at her softly.

“So, Amy dear, show us your cute apartment,” Cassie said, eyeing the hallway.

“This way,” I said with a smile and hopefully a look that could kill.

The girls follow.

“We’ll be in the kitchen, talking with Alex,” Matt said.

“Not much to show you all,” I began, “the bathroom, here is bedroom, and here’s our bedroom with a private bathroom.”

The girls enter the bedroom, ignoring the rest.

“What a big bed,” Hayley commented.

“Are those the newest shoes on the market?” Cassie asked, picking up my shoes from the closet that I left open.

I smile. “Since Alex deals with important clients, it’s important for me to keep up with the trends.”

“He’s a boxer guy,” Hayley giggled and I feel mad at how she thought it was okay to open private drawers. “Whoa girl! You certainly did not wear this type of intimates in college.”

“I didn’t know Alex then,” I snapped.

“And I didn’t know Matt,” Megan added. “Thank you for hooking me up with him. It’s so fun to be with him.”

I hug her and whisper, “thank you for coming.”

She whispered back, “I wouldn’t want to miss the bloodshed.”

“You don’t have much here,” Cassie observed.

“That’s because this is only one of our properties.” Alex appeared in the doorway.

“How many do you have?” Hayley asked.

“Two apartments, three houses, including one in Hawaii, and a boat,” Alex replied.

“You really found yourself a man,” Megan whispered and I nudged her in her ribs. She laughs.

“Now, let us go eat or all of my Amy’s hard work will go to waste,” Alex said.

“Right,” Cassie replied, still shellshocked.

I walk over to Alex, wrap my arm around his waist and lead the way out of the bedroom.

“Oh, I forgot about my private airplane,” Alex added.

The End

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