“What do I keep telling you?” I whisper, stroking her face.

“Alex I don't,” Amy says staring into my eyes.

With my other arm I pull her closer, “stop.” Her steady heartbeat was picking up and then I lifted her. “Thanking me.”

“The table-

“Can wait.” I tell her moving her chin upwards and claim her lips. Amy moaned into my mouth, her heart beating against my chest and she grasped my shoulders digging in her nails. The silk robe was slipping from her shoulders, I moved us against the wall pressing myself to her body, her tongue dancing with mine, I lift her again hearing her gasp and trail kisses across her cheek bone traveling down to her neck.

“Alex,” Amy grasps my hair with her hands.

“Don't worry love. I promise.” I promise her meaning every word, it was never my intention to feed from her, for Amy prove anything and even though the thought of tasting a drop of her sweet blood would always be at the back of my mind, I refused to act upon it.

“Why not Alex? She's your wife after all.” The voice stopped us both in our tracks and we faced the vampire, who stood casually against the door frame with mixture of hair spray with perfume.

Amy tensed in my arms, her soft eyes glaring, “who is that?”

“Crystal, you really do pick your moments,” I say sternly and gently lower Amy's legs keeping my arms around her.

“You going to introduce us?” Crystal said, her eyes calculating.

“Amy, this is Crystal. She’s a friend of mine,” I tell Amy who was looking between Crystal and I. I didn't need to read her mind to know what Amy was thinking. “Crystal, my beautiful wife Amy.”

“I guess a congratulations is needed.” Crystal finally said.

I turned to Amy, “love, why don't you go and get ready.” Amy didn't move, her gaze fixed on Crystal, “Amy.”

Amy took a breath giving me a sweet smile, bringing her hands down from my hair to my face. “Clock is ticking.”

I stepped back allowing her to move, collecting her dress from the bathroom and I kissed her on her forehead. “Knock’em dead.” I tell her with a wink as I leave the bedroom.

“Well she was welcoming,” Crystal commented.

Before she moved her booted foot forward, I grabbed and zoomed us outside across the street down an alleyway holding her roughly by her shoulders. Surprised littered her eyes for a moment before she composed herself. Crystal moved her arms up moving them against mine but I refused to release her and she cocked her eyebrow.

“You be so rude as to raise your eyebrow up at me?” I slammed her against the bricks hearing the crack, Crystal felt the slight pain as well as my strength that was building in warning. Her weariness washed over me now as Crystal saw that I wasn’t playing games.

“Why are you here?”

“Word is that you’re married and I wanted to see for myself.” Crystal said, not beating about the bush. I kept my face neutral but gritted my teeth in annoyances.

“It has nothing to do with anyone other than Amy and I,” I tell Crystal.

“You never mentioned her last time I was here Alex, I know you and there’s no way you saw this human and fell head over heels for her.” Crystal said, with a smile that I wanted to wipe off but instead I let my arms drop.

“You don’t know the first thing.”

“A mere human, Alex there’s got to be more surely.” I could see the wheels turning in her blonde curled head.

Then I heard footsteps coming as well as a familiar heartbeat. “Do you really want to find out?”

Crystal turned her head, “I want know more about your so called wife.”

Amy chose that moment to make her appearance and sprung on Crystal’s unguarded back. Crystal turned at the last minute, grabbed Amy and they fell on the ground tackling each other trying to find the upper hand, Crystal snarled with fangs as she lowered herself on Amy, Amy glared and kicked her legs upwards throwing Crystal off of her.

Crystal stood quickly retracting her fangs and looked at Amy with new eyes. Amy flipped herself back onto her feet bracing herself for Crystal’s next attack. All the while I leant against the wall watching with interest, I was only going to intervene if I needed to and I would have no problem stopping Crystal regardless of our short history.

“Didn’t expect that,” Crystal said and her gaze flickered to mine. “Really?”

Amy clenched her fist but I spoke feeling her anger. “You want more evidence? It could cost you your life. My wife already has blood on her hands and judging by her mood I’d be careful.”

Crystal looked back at Amy, “relax I won’t push anymore.”

Amy refused to relax but nodded never moving her eyes from Crystal. Crystal glanced down seeing the dirt on her clothes and huffed.

“You're not using our washer Crystal,” I say knowing that she was thinking.

“I best be going, I’d say it’s been a pleasure but I wouldn’t mean it,” Crystal flicks her hair over her shoulder. “You put up a good fight, you will need it with this one, so watch your back Amy.” Crystal said and walked past Amy.

“Is that a threat?” Amy asked, lowly with an edge of hardness.

Crystal turned her head, “not from me, but a warning that not everyone will walk away while your heart still throbs.”

“Crystal,” I snap fearing what effect her words will have on Amy. They stared at each other with Amy’s eye’s widening.

“Calm down Alex, your girl is safe with me,” Crystal smiles and leaves in a blink of an eye.

~       ~       ~

I lit the last candle and looked up, seeing Amy in her black dressed that fitted her like a glove. The dress complimented her features, her fiery red hair was tame like flowing wave past her shoulders, my gaze travelled down to her legs admiring the curves and the black heeled shoes and back up to meet her dark eyes. Amy had kept her make-up neutral which suited her but added a bronze for eyeshadow. Likewise Amy was giving me the once over, her feelings of appraisal and need flooded me.

“You look beautiful,” I say warmly.

Amy came closer, “good enough to eat?”

I laugh at her boldness. “Love, I wish to savour every part of you, but only with my touch and never with my fangs.”

Amy gasps and she holds my shoulders before coming in for a kiss.   

If only we didn’t have guests arriving any minute.

As if on cue I heard two heartbeats, I pull away from her kiss, question in Amy’s eyes when we hear the door knock.

The End

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