Matt was sat on the sofa when I came back into the living room, his arms stretched out along the top and his leg casually crossed. I went over to the photos, looking at her aunt. “These are brilliant.”

“Yeah, Cain did a good job.”

“I'll have to give some extra for this. Thanks for leaving, it means a lot for her to have photos of her aunt.”

“It's a nice touch. Think these photos will impress her friends or rather convince them?” Matt asked.

“Well, I can be very convincing,” I say turning back to face him. I listen in to Amy and smile hearing her deep steady breathing. “Sure you don't mind staying while I pop out?”

“I'm sure, I'm meeting Megan in a hour though,” Matt tells me checking his watch.

“I won't be long.” I leave then quietly closing the door then open it again, “don't touch anything.”

I left then going to the hotel, quickly seeing to some details and went downstairs. Cheri was waiting for me when I arrived, I greeted her taking her hand, leading her off to one of the private rooms.  Cheri lounged on the sofa staring at me with a twinkle in her eyes and seeing that I wasn’t moving towards her she huffed.

“You only want one thing.” It was a statement not a question I noted, her lip pouting as she rose and flipped her hair to the side.

“I have never wanted more, you know this, Cheri,” I say sternly pulling her to me.

“To bad, the whispers I hear, are they true?” Cheri asked, her gaze roaming over my body, I watched as her tongue ran over her bottom lip.

I turned quick so her back was to me, grasping her against my body and hearing her gasp. “Enough of this talk.” I whisper to her ear, I breath in her scent feeling her quickening pulse and my fang extend.

Cheri’s fingers dig into my thighs as I break her skin, then as her blood flows into my I roam my hands up cupping her and heard her delighted moan. My hands soon moved back to her waist, not that Cheri could tell her emotions her running wild with my bite affecting her, I pulled away from her neck having my fill and held her until her breathing returned. I moved her to the sofa after healing her neck with a flick on my tongue to seal the bite.

“They must me true,” Cheri said her voice dazzled almost. I gave her one last look before leaving and closing the door.

I pulled up on the drive not long after, Matt came outside putting a finger to his lips and pointed back to the apartment. I nodded getting out the of the Land Rover, we needed more space for shopping as a psoe to my BMW and I was glad even now that I picked up a few items from the hotel. We unloaded the car quietly not to wake Amy from her slumber.

“I’ve got to get going, Megan will be wondering where I’ve gone,” Matt tells me.

“It’s fine, I can hang the photos and sort all of this out.”

“Well don’t forget the bag, coat hooks, mirror, welcome mat. The misses won’t be happy or else.”

I glare at Matt as he makes a dash for the door and getting into his car. Wise move. I went about my tasks, putting a few coats on the hooks as well as a few dress scarfs of Amy’s, I hung the photo of us together on the wall, of Amy and her aunt and of all of us together. The smaller one’s I put into frames and dotted them throughout the house.

I was fixing the shoe rack when I heard Amy murmuring in her sleep and decided that I best wake her up or else her sleep pattern would be all over the place. Taking a cool glass of orange juice I went down the hall to the bedroom, knocking lightly before going inside, I was surprised to see her in my t-shirt even though I had brought her items to wear, the sun streamed in from the cheap curtains and I went closer putting her hand on her shoulder gently shaking it.

Her murmuring turned into a moan and she turned away burlying herself avoiding me. I sat on the bed watching as she repositioned herself, her firely hair tousled as she lay on her front and settled herself again.

“Time to wake up,” I say softly, gathering her hair to one side so I could see her face. “Amy.” I shake her shoulder again, her face scrunching up. “Come on now, wake up.” A growl escaped her mouth and she turned finding the pillow to cover herself with. “You can’t hide and I don’t like being avoided.”

“Tough,” she moaned from the pillow.

Enjoying the game I decided to play mean, I pulled the pillow from her and dragged the quilt from her body. Amy did turn round then, her sleepy eyes blinked focusing on me and then making a dart for the sheets but I moved above her holding her wrists.

“That’s not fair,” Amy pouted, only this time it looked cute as opposed to Cheri winney face.

“Tough,” I say repeating her word and kissed her forehead. Amy rolled her eyes at me, I sat up bringing her with me. “There’s orange juice on the side, don’t go back to sleep.”

Amy came into the main room shortly afterwards, wearing casual shorts and a loose top. Her hair was brushed but the knicks were still there. She looked better though, her eyes brighter as she expected my handy work and her smile told me that she approved.

“I left these two photos for the bedroom, I didn’t want to disturb you.” I say handing her the two framed photos of us and of her aunt.

“Good idea, if I know Cassie she will want a tour of every room.” Amy takes the photos staring at her aunt.

Thank the heavens we were having this meal here then, they would have a field day with my main home.

“That will take all of five minutes then.” Amy nodded and went back into the bedroom, I gave her a moment before following, standing at the door. “Are you hungry?”

Amy looked up and as if I was talking to her stomach it growled in response, her cheeks went pink and she laughed. “It would seem so, what’s on the menu this time?”

“How old are?” Amy asks from the sofa. I had set her up on the sofa, T.V remote, drink and a bowl of mushroom risotto from the hotel.

“32,” I reply from behind my laptop screen of my work. I felt the glide and grasped the pillow that was being aimed at my head. Surprised I move my head to look at her seeing her raised eyebrow. “Okay, I’m 332.” I turn back to my work opening my incoming emails.

“When was you born?” Amy said, interrupting my flow of writing.

“June 18th 1684, England.” I tell her and quickly finishing typing my reply and go through the next three before I’m stopped in my tracks.

“Do you have your own coffin? Why does the sun not harm you? How strong are you? What superstitions about vamps are right?”

I run my hand through my hair summing up quickly what was left to do and face Amy, “21 questions?”

“Well, I’m curious and I think I’ve done well not to question everything sooner. So yes, 21 questions it is.” Amy said staring straight at me crossing her arms.

I smiled, “okay then. “ I see her open the mouth, “but, only if you allow me to finish my work, I haven’t got much left to do and that will give you a chance to think through what you want to ask me.”

“Fair enough then, I’ll wash my dish and think.”

“One more thing, you will show me how good you are at shooting at the range tomorrow.” I watch her reaction to my bluntness of spying on her.

“Sure, think I’m going to need to let off some steam before that dinner.”

We were both settled on the sofa, the t.v was still on but on low not that we were paying much attention to it.

“One at a time,” I say wondering where she would start.

“So, I read, saw some movies but refused to google ‘vampire’. What’s true?” Amy asked one of the easy questions first and in my opinion she was playing it safe.  

“For starters, we don’t have coffins, garlic stinks. Holy water does nothing but ruin our clothes, I’ve seen vampires still go to church on Sundays wearing their crosses around their necks.” I pause thinking about the other question she asked. “Sunlight doesn’t affect per-say, but new vamps do struggle as first, the sun is stronger on our eyes, everything’s heightened you see and to new vamps it can take some time.”

Amy nodded, “did vampires make up a lot of the rumors?”  

“The myths, some yes.”

“Okay. But why doesn’t it harm you?”

“Our skin is more resilient than humans, you would catch sunburn badly if you didn’t apply sun lotion, whereas our skin can heal itself.”

I noticed Amy playing with her ring, I knew that she wanted to know more and was surprised by her next question.

“Have you been married before?” Amy was looking down as she questioned me, her heart beat was steady but with the odd jump.

I took her hand making her look at me so I could see her dark eyes, “I came very close. But it was not for love.”

“Then what was it?” Amy whispered.

I wasn’t going into detail with her now, I could see the questions behind her eyes but I couldn’t explain it all now.

“Tradition you could say, I’m going to get a beer. Would you like anything?”

“I’ll have one too please,” Amy says her eyes assessing me. “Was that too deep of a question?” I was facing away from her opening the bottled beers.

“You could say that.” I have a mouth full of beer and bring them over to the couch.

“Thank you, I’ll keep it light then?” Amy offers but I see that she won’t drop the subject and knew that I would be explaining my past.

“What else do you want know?”

The End

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