Chapter 40Mature


It was divide and conquer at the store, well after I changed at Megan’s and took some of my good clothing with me.

I went looking for bedding, dishes, silverware, and Alex went… well I don’t know where. I chose blue dish set because the color matched the bedding for Alex’s bedroom. The other set was brown to match the guest room’s brown paintings. Reluctantly, I bought the big towels because it was entertaining seeing his buns. Blue for his bathroom and brown for the guest room. I bought thin blankets that could be used for covering oneself while watching movies or for a little extra heat for the cold season. Then, I got the necessities for the kitchen, like towels, soaps, liquid for the dishwasher and many other things.

Then, I went and bought a shoe rack and about five pair of slippers so guests don’t wear muddy shoes. Thankfully, Alex had a full wine rack in the kitchen so that was no problem. After that, I went into the bathroom section once again and chosen ‘couple’ toothbrushes, shampoos, and other things. I also got a package of toothbrushes and toothpaste for the guest bathroom. I also got bath salts...

By the time, I met Alex by his car, my feet hurt and my arms were tired. Alex gave me one look and nodded.

“Time for bed.”

“Nope,” I replied. “I still need to buy clothing and I forgot to buy something at the store. I’ll try to be fast. You can load the car.”

“I bought you clothing,” Alex said.

I stare at him. “Well, I still forgot to buy something.” I turn on my heel and run back to the store. After taking one last look at Alex, I enter the door to the dishware and head fast toward the intimate section.

“Can I help you?” A nice looking lady asked.

“Yes,” I replied and then feel a shiver run down my spine. “I… I would like to get something sexy… maybe a lot of sexy.”

The lady laughs. “First time buying something nice for your husband?”

I play with my ring. “Y… yes.”

“I’ll show you our best stock. I would recommend black silk for you,” the lady said and I follow her to the bras. “What’s your size dear?”

My cheeks feel hot. “34DDD.”

“Hmm, you’re in luck. I got a couple of those left. Not a popular size,” she said.

“Do you have something that screams catwoman?” I asked.

“A see through night dress with fake fur at the bottom,” the lady replied.

“Good, I’ll take it,” I told her.

She laughs. “Let me show you everything.”

“Thank you,” I told her and then it takes about ten minutes to find lingerie that I didn’t think that I would ever wear or own. I also bought two silk robes, and a lot of different fun underwear.

On the way out, I see coat hooks and smile. I can just tell Alex that I went back for those. I end up buying a welcome rug which covers my intimates, coat hooks, and a mirror for the hallway to hang by the coats.


“Blue and brown,” Alex commented as I opened the see through bedding.

“To match the paintings,” I replied. “Why don’t you do the guest room and I’ll do this one?”

“Okay,” Alex replied, picking up the brown bedding. “Don’t forget to hang your clothing. The bag has hangers as well. You can put your intimates in the drawers next to mine.”

I roll my eyes. “Shoo. You’re wasting time.”

He laughs.

“Wait?” I said. “Here. The towels, toothbrush box, toothpaste for the guest bathroom.”

The moment, he stepped out, I stopped looking at the blue bedding and pulled out my bag with the intimates that I bought. He didn’t pull a vampire trick and listened in to me buying them?

I shake my head. “He’s not that low…”

Before, doing the intimates, I decide to put things into the bathroom like our toothbrushes and things. Then, I walk over to the drawers and pull the top one out. His boxers. The guy likes boxers. I pulled out my underwear, quickly took off the tags and laid them out next to his. The next drawer had his sleeping pants so I added my night dresses. The next one had shirts so I added a couple of sleeping shirts, and put my bras into the next drawer. The last drawer had his socks which I left alone because well I hate socks and I didn’t buy anything to add.

Next, I folded four pair of jeans, three pairs of skirts and laid them out in the top shelf of the closet next to his casual jeans. I hung the beautiful dresses, which I allowed myself some time to admire and hung some of the shirts. Alex even bought me a six pairs of shoes of my size. The man pays attention, I have to give him that. I also added some of my own clothing, those looked worn and added the illusion that I do own this stuff.

I wrapped my arms around my shoulders and looked from the closet to the drawers. I’m not living with him and yet this lie has turned into something else entirely, slowly it’s becoming real, or am I living in a fantasy world? Considering that Justin helped me get my strength, I’m not. All I have to do is wait till the right moment to tell Alex about it.

“Right,” I said out loud. “Bedding.”

After I finish the bed, the doorbell rings. Alex and I meet in the hall and go to the door.

Matt stands with a big bag and a big smile. “You will love it!”

“Love what?” I asked.

“Your wedding photos! Of course!” Matt said and walked in.

We follow him into the kitchen.

“I made you guys a wedding album, and put a lot of the shots in the frames which I can help Alex hang,” Matt explained.

My shaky hands open the album and the first photo is of me walking down the aisle. Then, it’s Alex standing by the altar and of us kissing. I see Megan and Matt in the photos, flirting, and her chocolate skin looks beautiful in the sunlight. Then, I get to a photo where the four of us are together… and the next one is five of us. Matt has photoshopped my aunt into the picture. I quickly flip through the rest and in some I see my aunt sitting, sitting on the bench looking up at the tree or sitting next to Megan or next to me. Tears roll down my face. Matt got her perfectly. She didn’t see the sun for years, but if she had, she would certainly be happy as in these.

I raise my head and about to say thank you to Matt, but he’s not there.

“I sent him away. I wasn’t sure if you wanted him to see you crying over his work,” Alex said.

I wipe my eyes and close the album. Then, I get up and wrap my arms around his neck and rest my head on his hard chest.

“Thank you for this. Thank you for not killing me when you found out about my lie. Thank you for giving my aunt her last moments of peace. Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for having a soul. Thank you for everything.”

After a long moment in the kitchen, Alex picks me up into his arms and carries me to his bedroom. He kisses me gently on my lips and tugs me in.

“Sleep, love,” he told me. “After you wake up, we can finish what we forgot to do.”

I point at the bag on the floor. “That stuff is for the kitchen. The bag next to it has a mirror and coat hooks, and a welcome rug. That’s what I went back for.”

“Will do, love,” Alex said. “Now, sleep.”

The End

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