As soon as the plane landed I was at the door, skipping passport control as I went straight into the waiting limo. All my work was finished at least for today, emails were sent and wouldn't be read until the humans woke up. I had already checked in on the hotel, our wedding photos were organised for the website that was to be uploaded in the morning and the general running of the hotel was ticking over nicely. I was too busy looking through our private photos to pay attention to Mr. Reeds driving, only that we seemed to be passing through traffic lights but didn't question the man.

The hopes that I would be home soon and maybe even in bath soon filled me with joy. But not as much as seeing my beauty in red in her stunning dress did. It was the photo where I let her push me against the wall that felt myself staring. I remember the feel of the stone as she pushed up against me, it was not the first time or even when I had not fully saw push coming on other occasions.

“We’re here Sir,” Mr. Reed said stopping the limo. I blinked closing my phone and my wayward thoughts.

“My apologies Mr Reed, did I give you my apartment address?” I say looking at my apartment complex.

“No sir. Did Matt not inform you?”

I look down at my phone seeing that I did indeed have a message, the time was from earlier this evening but being in the air did delay messages. “Yes just got the text now, sorry and thank you.”

“You are welcome sir, goodnight.”

My beauty in red was here and if I listened close enough she was fast asleep. Why on earth was she here? I unlocked the door, not needing the lights and notice something hung on the wall. Using my phone as a light for the full effect I saw that it was a painting. Where had that come from? Not making a sound I went down the corridor, Amy was curled up asleep in my bed and wearing one of my plain t-shirts, my eyebrow rose just thinking of her bare skin I hoped underneath and I left leaving the door open not wanting her to hear the creaking sound that it always made and I went into the spare room.

So much for my bath and bed tonight. At least Amy has chosen my room with the slightly better mattress and clean sheets. The shower would suffice, I found my travel items for the bathroom and went past sleeping beauty for my shower.

As I brushed my teeth, I noticed another painting hanging on the wall, those flowers looked familiar from somewhere… Amy.

I risen off glad to be rid of the plane smells and step out only to find a hand towel. “Shit.” I used it best I could, using my t-shirt that I wore to stop my curled short hair from dripping and decided that it was pointless. I looked at the door knowing that I had to walk past. Listening again to her deep even breathing I wondered if I could chance it. I played it safe and held the hand towel low around my waist. However, I noted that something had changed in her sleep as I opened the bathroom door and decided not to make the quick dash I intended.  

I strolled down the hall, allowing the floorboards to creak under my bare feet and passed her open door looking forward. As it happened the towel slipped that left a chill across my cheeks.

~       ~       ~

Safe to say that I didn't sleep well. I woke just after the sun did, quickly dressing and left to go the store down the road. I wondered if Rick was having any luck in finding his sire and delivered my letter. The store was just opening as I arrived, picking up a basket I strolled around the store gathering items for breakfast and paid the young girl giving her a warm smile as I left. Was my beauty in red still asleep? I thought of her position as I walked by this morning, the blankets over turned with her bare leg wrapped around the sheet, my t-shirt was pulled across her back, one arm clutching the pillow and the other arm was where her head lay.

I opened the door hearing her wake-up, I smile knowing that it wasn't the first time that she woke when I entered the apartment. I unpacked the shopping, turned the stove on heating the pan and cracked the eggs mixing them with milk then pouring them into the pan.

“My hubby looks good in the kitchen,” her voice came to me and I throw her a devilish smile over my shoulder, seeing that she was still in my t-shirt. “Can I get some buns to goes with those eggs?”

I catch her wink and try to pay attention to breakfast. “Does the lady like what see she’s?”

“Smells good enough, as for everything else,” I hear her come closer, her breasts against my body as she came round and I looked down watching her dark eyes examine the goods. “Hard to tell.”

I roll my eyes and point to the table and chairs, “sit and read the paper.”

“I'm good watching, not everyday I have my breakfast made for me.”

I heat up the pancakes, place them on the plate with the scrambled egg on top. Orange juice was already poured and Amy was already helping herself to the take away coffee from the machine in the store.

“Vanilla cappuccino, good guess, score one to you.” Amy said, as I saw the delight in her eyes. I place the plates on the table and take the chair opposite.

This was going to be a novel event, it wasn't often that I was sat having breakfast like this so casually and not over a meeting with a human. Amy dug in straight away, I took a few bites of my own.

“Terrible affair,” I say mildly and catch her attention from her thoughts.

“What is?”

“That art galleries can't stop thieves from stealing their most prized collections.” I pick up my coffee keeping my eyes on her. “I bet you looked sexy as hell in your catwoman outfit.”

The pink tint that I was hopeful for, appeared along with her shy smile and I saw through my eyelid as she recovered herself.

“I don't know what you are talking about, I was curled up asleep.” Amy said, a little too casually.

I pushed my lips together enjoying our exchange in conversation. “Yes, you was certainly out for the count. Yet you still look tired, love. I hope I didn't disturb you.”

“Well I must of woke hearing the shower.” Amy said, her pink cheeks remaining and I heard the welcome relief when I didn't press any further.

“I’ll wash these, you made the breakfast afteral and my way of saying thank you,” Amy stood taking the plates. “You didn’t eat much.”

I smiled seeing her face as it cringed thinking about what she said. “I can eat human food as you know, but small portions.”

“Yeah now, you mention it I’ve never seen you finish a meal and you’ve never ordered dessert.” Amy nodded and start to run the tap water. “So, that whole episode at the restaurant, you can eat garlic bread?”

“It stinks but yes we can eat it.” I notice then that there’s no wash cloth for me to dry the items with.

“You don’t come here often do you?” Amy asks, finding some bubbles and a sponge.

“How did you guess?”

“Lack of home comforts and necessities.”

“Who is coming tomorrow night?” I ask.

“Cassie, her husband, then she’s bringing another of our friends that may bring her husband I don’t know and well me and you.” Amy tells me and I note the ‘friend’ comment, clearly this woman was another Cassie and without knowing I intensely disliked her.

I inwardly groan but I put on a brave face. “I hate to say this but, we need to go shopping as they won’t believe that this is our home.”

“You're right,” Amy says as she scrubs the pan. “Hence the paintings.”

Amy must of felt my gaze as she turns her head raising her eyebrow. “Well you can’t go out dressed like that. I’ll get a car and take you to Megans first so you can change then we will go shopping.”

“Okay good idea, oh what are we going to cook for everyone?”

“Good question, sadly we can’t call out for pizza.” I say, thinking about the hotel restaurant. “Leave it with me.”

“Can you cook, besides breakfast?” Amy asks tidying the table wiping it over.

“Love, I will deal with it, now go and get ready.” I pull her away from the table and gently push her towards the bedroom.

The End

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