Chapter 38Mature


“Alex knows that you been coming here,” Justin commented after I found the ice for my hand.

“Not surprised,” I replied. “I thought I saw Matt look at the taxi closely. Doesn’t matter.”

“Is Alex around?” Justin asked.

“He’s in Chicago on business,” I replied and bite my lip. “He won’t know that you’ve training me?”

“Love, this is a shooting range. He won’t believe that I revealed myself to you and I don’t think he knows our past history together,” Justin said. “Now, what do I keep saying?”

“Stop thinking and let instinct take over,” I muttered.

“Did you tell him about Cassie coming over?” He asked then.

“I really shouldn’t have told you how I’ve gotten into this mess. No, I haven’t,” I admitted.

“Text him so he would be aware and prepared. He’s back soon, right?” He lit a cigarette.

“Friday,” I announced. “Which is tomorrow…”

“Doesn’t leave much preparation time does it?” He laughs.

I roll my eyes and find my phone to text Alex. My hand finished healing, so it was a relief.

“There,” I snapped. “Done.”

“Three, two, one,” he counted and my phone rang.

During the conversation, Alex smoothly changed topics. Did he think that I wouldn’t notice?

I drop the phone into my bag and growl.

“You’re perfect for him,” Justin noted. “You don’t take his shit too seriously.”

“How long have you known him?” I asked.

“Longer than you. Now, charge at me because in ten minutes I gotta give a test to a boring human girl. She’ll fail but I need to get ready,” he said with a bored look.


Slowly, I made my way home by walking. I needed a walk and I didn’t care if it was going to take hours. However, the walk was actually short because I bumped into Matt at the corner.

“You stalking?” I asked.

“Woman alone walking at night and from a gun range?” Matt asked as he tilted his head. “Just looking out for you.”

“I’m fine,” I replied.

“You’re not walking. Alex will have my head,” Matt said.

“Oh really?” I cross my arms. “Here’s what’s going to happen. Either you allow me to walk home or you take me to Alex’s home.”

“I’ll walk with you,” Matt said after a minute of thinking.

“No,” I snapped. “Come on? He won’t hurt you. I’ll tell him that it was my idea which is the truth.”

“Okay,” he finally said. “But, only because I know that you carry a gun.”


“You’re kidding?” My shoulder bag slipped down my shoulder and landed by my feet.

Bare cream walls, brown curtains, a simple kitchen table with four chairs, and two couches with a large TV in the living room. The two bedrooms only had beds with simple white sheets and dressers. One bathroom. Thankfully, Alex’s wardrobe was half full. I realized then that I would also need to buy nice clothing.

I turn around to see an amused Matt. “He hardly uses this place.”

“Must be nice to be rich,” I commented. “Is this his only home?”

“Very,” he replied. “He has many more, but this one is in a good location.”

“There’s nothing here! How can he host parties here?” I exclaimed.

“Alex is a simple man. Decorators are hired for that purpose,” Matt replied.

I find my storage box key with the storage business card. “The password to get in Pacific spelled by numbers. It only has my paintings, bring all of them. Please, also buy tools and hooks so we can hang them. We will hang them tonight and it will look friendlier.”

“Now?” Matt asked. “I think you need to talk to Alex about this.”

I shake my head. “No. I’m going to take off tomorrow from work and then next week also. My brain isn’t working. I’m his wife. Alex will be okay with all this.”

“Good luck,” Matt muttered and left.


An hour later, he came back, we hung the paintings and I ended up lying on his bed.

The living room gained my three in one painting collection depicting a tree during sunset. For Alex’s bedroom, I chose to hang two love birds, sitting on an electric line, watching the ocean. The other bedroom gained a four in one painting collection of brown colors swirling around, adding elegance and pose. The bathroom received paintings of pink and purple flowers, adding a calming effect. My favorite paintings went into the kitchen and the two hallways depicting birch trees. I just love being surrounded by birch trees, the happy emotions make it worthwhile.

The End

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