Stars glittered the night as they have since the dawn of time, so close to touch and yet further from our grasp then we thought possible. The streets below were quieter now the humans had gone home to their families, though some cars still passed through at this late hour, the odd drunken ones staggering about on the sidewalk and sirens in the distance. I took a breath, breathing in the night air of Chicago.  

“You took your time.” I said not facing my companion.

The scent of tobacco wafted towards me before he spoke, “I can’t afford a private jet unlike some.”

“Flying in standard class doesn’t leave much leg room.” I comment mildly.

“I can’t complain too much, the in flight meal was exceptionally good.” He stood next to me then taking in the city still breathing the smoke. “We’re in driving distances and yet you bring me here.”

“Because I had business here and I have a gift for you.”

A laugh escaped his smoke filled lips then, “nothing is ever straight forward with you Alex. What do you need from me?”

He never missed a beat, “I need you pass on a letter to your sire.”

One last drag of the cigarette and then it was gone. “You can’t do this because?”

“My reasons are my own.”

“Yeah and I know one of those reasons,” I watched the smile appear on his face.

“He is your sire, therefore you are able to contact him faster than I can.” I say reaching into my over coat pocket. “Will you do this?”

“This gift you mentioned?”

“I happen to know a certain car model you’ve had your eye on and a that certain model is park just down there.” I point to the car model and hear him whistle. “The details are inside and the keys are right here.” I show him the car keys in my other hand.

“Impressive. I was after some new wheels and be a lot faster too.” He looked down at the letter, that was sealed with my family’s mark. “I will hand it him myself.”

“See that you do, Fredrick.” I say and hand him the items. “Thank you.”

He nodded putting the letter safely away in his jacket and spinned the keys around his finger. “It’s Rick.”

I rolled my eyes, “let me know when the letter is delivered, Rick.”

“Alexander,” he replies with a wink before leaving the rooftop of the building.

I went back to the hotel that I was currently staying and picked up my phone calling Matt having to leave a message. I got stuck into my work instead,  keeping my mind busy from thinking about Amy. It had a been a few days since I last saw her Sunday, I messaged her when I left for Chicago and received one reply wishing me a safe trip. I knew that I was not left off the hook about giving her answers. It was a topic I was not looking forward too but knew that it must be done and now for her safety from Acton now.   

An hour later Matt rang, I picked up my phone my fingers still flying across my laptop.

“Sorry I missed your call,” Matt said.

“It’s fine mate, any news?” I ask.

“Ralph was able to track the number place of the taxi down and found that Amy went to the shooting range.”

I stopped typing, “Justin gave her the gun?”

“It appears that she has a gun license and she’s been back every day since.” Matt informed me.

“Any leads on Acton?”

“Unfortunately, no,” Matt sighed with a slightly growl in his voice. “Pulling our resources but nothing coming to light.”

I leant back in my chair, “he will show himself soon, we have to make sure we’re there to have a quiet world and a barbeque at the same time.”  

“Long as I get to throw a few punches in for Megan.”

“Don’t worry you will mate.”

Ping announced an incoming text message, I moved round clicking on the message noticing it was from Amy with the subject marked ‘urgent.’

Good evening dear, I know that we to discuss the matter of your ‘family issues’. But we have an upcoming problem to tackle this weekend. I will see you on Friday when you return.


My phone was already ringing her phone not wanting to wait until Friday.


“My beauty in red, what is problem that we need to discuss?” I get up from my chair and start removing the buttons of my shirt.

“I thought that you would be asleep by now, given the time do sleep right?” Amy asks sounding surprised.

I smile, “I do everyone has to recharge. Stop avoiding the subject.”

“Oh. Well...I bumped into Cassie the other day and I agreed to throw a dinner party this Saturday night.” Amy said the last part quickly wanting to get it out fast and I wondered of her facial expression.

Oh hell that woman’s voice! But it was time to play my part in Amy’s life and released my gritted teeth. “Are they coming to the hotel?”

“See that’s the other part...I said they could come to our place as in our home.” Amy said carefully.

“Don’t worry love, everything will be fine and we will show a united front.”

“I could cancel it, sickness, still grieving over my aunt, anything like that would work.”

“How are you?” I suddenly ask changing subject.

“I'm fine.” She says simply.

“A little more than fine.”

Amy sighs, “okay. It's been hard this week, being back at work and dealing with other issues on top of that.”

“I know this is hard for you.” Losing any relative was hard and her aunt practically brought her up. “Don't you have school in the morning?”

“Oh am I disturbing you?” Amy suddenly said jumping to the wrong conclusion.

“I only mean that with the time difference it must be getting late past there.”

“You saying I need my beauty sleep?”

I removed my shirt rolling not my eyes, this woman was impossible. “You are beautiful enough not to need sleep, but I don't want you falling asleep through first period and the students drawing all over your pretty face.”

“I see. Well goodnight Alex, see you tomorrow?”

“Yes tomorrow. Sweet dreams my beauty in red.”

The End

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