Chapter 36Mature


I didn’t check on Megan after leaving the boys in the kitchen. My legs felt weak and my thoughts were all over the place. Alex told Megan to rest and I wanted to rest myself, especially after a kiss like that. Alex confused me. I wasn’t sure if he really liked me or was playing a game because he’s ancient. I also understood that I wasn’t as young as those girls in novels or movies who have vampire lovers, which didn’t help much.

A quick shower calmed me down and then I called Justin.

“Amy dear,” he said into the phone. “What can I do for you?”

“Did you know that some vampires are not affected by wooden bullets?” I asked.

“Didn’t work on Acton, huh,” Justin sniggered.

“Nope,” I replied. “He was surprised and looked in pain for a second. It also angered him greatly.”

“He’s a strong punk,” Justin commented.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “Listen. Can I stop by after work?”

“For?” He asked.

“To learn the difference between human strength and vampire’s,” I told him.

He laughs. “I will kill you in a heartbeat.”

“Maybe you can help me tap into my strengths? I mean maybe the vampire who bit me when I was kid left more in me than just the ability to not be manipulated by you all,” I pleaded.

“Alex would have found it by now,” Justin replied.

“Alex thinks of me as a lamb,” I replied. “I’m not a lamb. I’m capable of protecting myself though I did fail tonight.”

“You lived,” he replied. “Fine. I know that you would show up even if I decline. Enjoy molding young minds.”

The line goes dead.

I smile and fall asleep.


My classes went fine, though some teachers were amused by my secret life of being married to Alex and I had to look over my shoulder all the time.

I kept thinking that Acton would pop out from a corner or from a bathroom stall. I didn’t think that he would need to be invited in. At least that myth was correct about vampires. Students in my classes made me condolences cards about my aunt’s passing and I didn’t feel like working.

Being at school felt mundane and wrong. The principal even wondered if I came back in too soon. A week was too short of a break after a death in the family. I denied his offer of taking another week off, but told him that I may change my mind after having an image of Acton form in the back of my mind.

When the classes ended, I saw Cassie at the front of the school with her nose in her latest model of her cell phone. A freshman runs up to her and gets in the car. The freshman was in Megan’s classes. Megan said that the girl was always texting and ignoring the lessons. She gave her a lot of detentions so it was a surprise to see her leave the school right after she got out.

I turn to the right, but too late, Cassie noticed me.

“Amy!” She shouted. “Just picked up my niece.”

I put on a smile and walk up over to her. “Hey, Cassie. Great.”

“So are you two free this weekend for dinner at your place?” She got straight to the point.

“Actually, yes,” I replied. “Right now, I’m running late for an appointment but I’ll text you my address and the time for this Saturday.”

“Great!” She replied. “You don’t mind of our old friend, Hayley joins us, do you? She’s in town for the weekend.”

“Not at all,” I replied slowly. “Okay, gotta run. Bye.”


Justin whistles after I show him my bruises on my neck which all day were covered by a scarf. “He wasn’t trying hard enough.”

“Fantastic,” I muttered.

“You will spare with my assistant. He’s human. I want to see if you’re able to beat a human male,” Justin said and lit up a cigarette.

I crack my neck and put away my hair into a high ponytail before creating a bun. I don’t want the guy to pull at my hair.

The assistant then charges at me and the game begins.


“How’s your stomach?” Justin asked after the sparring session.

“Better than his,” I coughed.

“You’re good for a human female,” Justin complimented.

“Gee, thanks,” I muttered.

“You won’t last against me,” he then said. “You’ll last against one or two human males.”

“So what? I just have to roll over?” I asked angrily. “Here’s my neck, go ahead, rip it off!”

“Not all of us want to kill humans. Blood is enough to sustain us or well great sex,” Justin said.

“Funny,” I muttered.

“Just have Alex and his boys protect you since now you know,” Justin said.

“They were late tonight. I don’t want to feel pain like that again,” I told him.

“You will get hurt again. That guy wants you,” Justin said.

“I know,” I admitted. “I hate it and I… I am too involved with Alex to ask him to look for abilities that are not there. I… I don’t know if I trust him and I trust you more, I’ve know you my whole life and you never hurt me. Help me.”

Justin appears right in front of me. “Never trust a vampire even if he did help your aunt raise you.”

“Right,” I said.

“You never broken any bones, right?” Justin asked.

I shake my head.

“Then this will hurt,” he said and then I feel intense pain as he snaps my arm.

My vision feels wild, my heartbeat increases, and the only thing I feel is pain.

Justin then picks me and throws me against the wall. More pain and I feel blood flow down my head. I land on the ground and can’t move, feel numb.

“You’re still awake,” I heard him say. “Most humans would be dead, but you’re not so there is something inside you.”

Colors, there are a lot of colors. Lots of blood.

“Get up!” He yelled. “Get up or I’ll throw you again! I will break every bone. I’ll crush your hands. Get up!”

I ignore him, hoping that death takes me because this state sucks.

“You were not born a man! You were abandoned and then had no real childhood. How many kids did you know who knew how to shoot? Who went through therapy? Who had no parents and all because you were born a girl. Girls are dirty. Girls are bad!” He yelled and stepped on my hand.

I yell out.

“Your leg is next if you don’t start doing something!” He yelled.

“I can’t!” I moaned.

“Liar!” He yelled. “I can see your strength. Show me that your attack made you stronger!”

“I can’t!” I yelled.

“You wish me to die? Because if you die right now, Alex will cut off my head, rip me apart and burn my corpse!” He yelled, crushing my leg. “You want your old man to die? That would hurt more than what’s happening to you!”

Alex will kill him?

“Don’t make me keep hurting you!” He whispered. “It hurts.”

He lifts me by my hair.

“You have it in you. You were right. Now, show it to me before you end up dying! Don’t you want to be with Alex? Don’t you want revenge?”

“Revenge,” I whispered.

“On the man who hurt you. The man that put you through psychological tests! Don’t you want revenge?” He asked.

“Let go of me!” I yelled, feeling stronger.

He does.

“You lost your friends! You had to move! People thought that you were crazy!” Justin continued.

“Stop!” I whispered, clawing at the ground.

“Make me!” He yelled. “The same man who ruined your childhood, wants you! And, not as a body bag. Not just for lunch! He wants to do things to you. And when he’s through the torture, he will turn you into one us!”

“Shut up,” I whispered, feeling my bones return to their places.

“He wants to rip your clothing off! He wants to rape you and he wants to hear you scream,” Justin ignored me.

“I said shut up!” I yelled, raising myself on fours.

“He will send your head to Alex unless you agree to be his plaything!” Justin laughed.

I raise my head and glare at him. “You’re a really bad man, Justin.”

“Vampire,” he said. “Should I continue? I got more to say.”

I smile and get up fast and push him against the wall. “Your technique is horrible.”

“Hmm,” he nodded. “But, now we know that you have vampire strength and healing. Glad that it didn’t kill you.”

I blink and look at my arm at his neck. “I… I did this?”

He nodded. “Can you let me go and maybe a thank you is in order.”

“Thanks,” I stepped back. “So I have super strength but I’m not a vampire?”

“Nope,” Justin said. “He didn’t feed enough on you. Some people have this potential, but they need a vampire to bring it out and they don’t know any.”

“Fantastic,” I muttered.

“I’ll have my assistant buy you new clothing. Walking on the street with dried blood is no good. Showers in the back,” he said.

“Do you know any other humans with strength like mine?” I asked.

“If a person does gain that ability, he becomes a hunter. However, usually hunters are born,” Justin explained.

“So, I’ll be recruited to become a hunter?” I asked.

“No, because you’re married to Alex,” Justin said. “You’re a lost cause.”

“Oh,” I said.

“Talk to Alex after this,” Justin said. ‘He should know that you’re no longer a lamb.”

“And I have to tell him about Saturday dinner plans. This should be fun.”

The End

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