“Where is he?” I growl down to the worthless vampire beneath me and he wiggled again trying to break free.

“Go to hell!” He spat back and I sigh before plunging my hand into his chest gripping his cold heart.

“No mate, I believe you will be going there and painfully if you don’t talk.” I watch his expression turn pale if that was possible. To my annoyance my top pocket vibrated and with my free hand I took it out cursing inside if Mr. Greeves’s name flashed across my screen. “I’m right in the middle of a vampire’s chest.”

“Acton’s at Megan house and he’s after Amy. I’m on my way now,” Matt said in a rush.

I grit my teeth in anger, “don’t let Acton escape before I get there.” I look down at the vampire and saw the smile that flashed across his eyes. “It’s your lucky day mate.”

“Just you wait,” he grunted.

“I’m in a rush and only have time to make this quick.” His eyes widened and I ripped his heart out. I quickly pulled away his body parts, throw them into the nearest dumpster and lit a match, covering up my blood stained shirt with my jacket.

By chance I happened to be close to the house and used vampire speed to get to the house. Acton’s scent was here on the door, I pushed my way inside my fist clenched and made my way into the kitchen. My eyes scan the room quickly finding that Acton had already left, Matt’s scent was briefly here and my hopes were that he would find him. Then I saw Amy, my Amy gasping her fingers on her neck and shock filled her eyes. I went over to her at once, brought her into my arms needing to hold her and feeling her body relax. I kissed the top of her head breathing in her scent and flickered my gaze downward seeing Megan sitting unfazed.

“Megan?” I question.

She didn’t even look at me. “Yes?”

I lowered my arms from Amy, seeing that she was physically unhurt baring some marks around her neck and then I crouched in front of Megan. “What did Acton tell you?”

“To invite him inside. That you was a vampire. You’re not good enough for Amy. To make sure that Amy didn’t leave.” Megan said, simply in a mellow tone of voice.

“Alex, is she okay?” Amy asked coming closer and then took a sharp intake of breath. For now I ignored her reaction, focusing on Megan cupping her face and held her gaze.

“Feeling tired after marking students work, you went upstairs and took a nap.”

“I took a nap,” Megan said then yawned. “I’m tired.”

“Acton is not to be trusted. Everything that he says is a lie.”

“I don’t believe Acton is a good person.”

“Good, now go upstairs and sleep. Amy will be home soon.” I say, releasing my hold and move back so Megan can go upstairs to her room.

Amy still stood watching me, her expression unreadable.

“Who was she this time?” Amy asked, her eyes hard as she stared at me.

“What are you talking about?” Baffled by her question and saw her point to my side where my bloodied hand was. “She was a he. He was also a vampire that worked for Acton.”

“Was?” Was all that she said.

“He has now turned to ash,” I say and walk over to the sink turning the taps on. “Megan will be fine.”

Amy nodded, “thanks for that.”

“She doesn’t need to remember this.” I wash my hands with water using the soap and seeing the blood pour. “Some minds are more open than others. Megan’s unfortunately is free and open, that’s why Acton could manipulated her so easily.”

Amy hands me a towel then and I take it keeping one hand on hers. “Are you okay?”

“What do you care.” Amy says and steps away but I tug her back. “Alex don’t.”

“I won’t have these thoughts, not from you.”

“You can read my mind now?” Amy said raising her eyebrow disbelievingly.

I smile, “if only.”

“Don’t play with me Alex.”

“Then don’t pretend to know everything about me because you won’t even scratch the surface.” I snap and think carefully about my next words. “Against my better judgement I care and hate that you’ve been brought into my dark world.”

“Then I’ll leave it behind. You can’t alter my mind but I can leave town if that makes you happy.” Amy declared then and moved away.

I watched her turn away, her fiery red hair kissing me goodbye and saw myself in front of her startled eyes.

“Get out of my way.” Amy gasped her heart hammering and with shock was starting to match my own.

I licked my lip enjoying the fact that Amy was watching my every move. “Make me.”

Amy pushed her hands out but I wouldn’t budge. “stupid arse vampire.” she muttered to herself.

I sigh, pulling on her arms bringing her to me and crashed our lips together. For once I ran my tongue over her lips and forced my way inside. Amy moaned into my mouth, her tongue greeting my own and exploring. I was careful not push too much knowing my senses were already going into overdrive and my fangs were close too. I moved my lip across her jawline, a snarl-like sound escaping my throat as I kissed her and felt her trembled from the heat of the kiss. I moved my hand down her back claiming her round pumped arse and my other hand wrapped around the fire.

A very loud knocking sound then, “Alex!”

I couldn’t stop the growl this time and slowly released Amy. Her heart still hammering, her heated face and I breathed in deeply.

“I care,” I whispered and stepped back running a hand through my hair. “Go and see to Megan while we clear the kitchen.”

“Sure,” Amy breathed, catching her breath.

I winked before leaving to see Matt in the kitchen, by his expression he did not have good news for me.

“I’m sorry boss.”

“What happened?” I ask as I start pick up a broken vase from the floor.

“This,” Matt said holding a long piece of wood. “Stunned me, he’s stronger than we thought. I’m sorry I didn’t see it coming.”

“Stop apologising. He’s a tricky sod and that’s why he keeps getting away when the hunters tackle him.” I say and then spot a gun on the floor. “Is that Acton’s?”

“No. I heard the gunshot just before I arrived and thought he injured one of the girls.” Matt said and picked up the gun opening the magazine. “Take a look.”

With pulled eyebrows I take the gun from Matt and to my surprise I see wooden bullets. “You know what this means, don’t you?”

“I’ve got to watch my back?”

“That and Amy’s stronger than I gave her credit for.” I look up at the ceiling feeling a sense of pride almost and wondered how much she wanted revenge from her attacker.

The End

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