Chapter 34Mature


When I woke up, Alex was still beside me. A big smile was on my lips as I traced over his heart. Why was I not afraid of him? Did my attack make me immune to fear when it comes to the supernatural?

“Am I going to get a kiss this time? You know? Unlike the last time when you admired me?” Alex asked with his eyes still closed.

I blush and lean in forward to kiss him. After the kiss ends, I smile and say, “Ready to talk yet?”

“Not at the moment,” Alex said and sat up. “I got a couple of things to take care. I won’t be done probably until dinner time.”

I pout. “No fair. But, I understand. Have you always run a hotel?”

“I’ve had many jobs over my lifetime,” Alex replied. “Looks like Megan dropped off your bags before leaving with Matt. Stay however long you want.”

“Thank you,” I replied and sat up myself, fixing my hair. “I won’t stay. I got things to do with the realtor, talk to Megan, and prepare my lesson plans for work.”

“With Megan?” He asked.

I laugh. “Are you really acting paranoid? Just about the photo shoot and how my fake marriage is going beautifully.”

He rolls his eyes. “Just a small warning, Amy. What you learned is going to change the way you live. I got what I wanted from you. I got your word that you won’t tell anyone about me. I can erase Cassie’s memory of our marriage. As for the photoshoot, they will just think that I hired a very beautiful woman for business.”

Anger. An emotion so powerful enveloped me that I didn’t even understand what I was doing. I got up fast, and pushed Alex against the wall. “Listen, here, vampire! I don’t need you to use your magic tricks on Cassie. I don’t need protection. After my attack, I learned how to defend myself. If you’re afraid of Acton that he will come back to finish the job, then just tell me how to kill him when that happens! And, by the way, I saw the newspapers where you talk about your wife. You may be able to erase Cassie’s, but can you erase everyone’s?”

I let go of his shoulders, pick up my bag with my clothing and run inside the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I want to cry from anger but I don’t want to give him the satisfaction. After maybe five minutes, Alex leaves and I change into jeans and a t-shirt and then leave.

“Amy!” Matt yelled. “Need a ride? I’m at your service.”

“Leave me alone!” I snapped at him and walked faster. Then, I signaled a taxi. After getting in, I say, “shooting range.”

“Will do, ma’am”, he said. “But, are you sure you want to go there? It’s not a good idea to be shooting if you’re in a bad mood.”

“You’re not my therapist so drive,” I snapped.

I watch Matt out of the rearview mirror and note that he was glaring at the taxi’s number. Great!

Twenty minutes later, we arrive at the range; I pay the driver and get out. I haven’t been here in four years. My license to carry a gun expired a year ago. If Justin is here then he can renew it. I walk inside the establishment.

“Does Justin still work here?” I asked an older man.

“Yeah. Let me get him,” he said and disappeared through a door.

A minute later, Justin walks out and smiles. “Little Amy is back.”

“Not in the mood, Justin,” I told him. “Listen, I’ve been meaning to stop by after my license expired but you know how my aunt was and the job. My aunt passed away and I will have some more free time and it’s time to renew it. So, umm let’s do it?”

“Girl,” he laughed. “You haven’t changed a bit. Come; let me see if you’re still a good shot. If you are then I’ll give you your new license.”

“Thanks,” I replied with relief.

I leave my bag with the counter guy and follow Justin.

“I’m sorry about your aunt,” he said then. “But, you’re married now so at least you’re not alone going through the pain. And, you’re married to a big shot.”

I roll my eyes. “Alex is Alex.”

Justin takes my wrist in his and presses. The scar that I thought disappeared resurfaced for a second and I stare at him.

“He told you,” he said, shaking his head.

“You know?” I asked.

“Dear,” Justin said, showing me his teeth. “I’ve always known.”

“Shit,” I cursed.

“Don’t worry, I don’t hurt humans whom I like and you’re protected by Alex. Is that why you need a license suddenly?” He asked.

“Alex and I had a fight before I left. There’s this idiot who’s been following me and if my martial arts skills fail, I want a gun or at least just know that I’m still a good shot,” I explained.

“Humans can’t fight us,” he said. “Well, unless they are hunters.”

Alex’s words outside Megan’s house return to me about how he called James a hunter.

“I think I know a hunter,” I told him.

“Alex should have erased your memory,” Justin said. “Let me do it for him.”

His eyes flash black and I smile.

“What?” He asked.

“Mind control doesn’t work on me,” I told him. “Don’t ask me why, but it doesn’t. Alex can’t make me forget.”

“Well, if knowing how to shoot will make you feel better, I’ll help,” Justin said.

“Still friends?” I asked.

“As long as you don’t send your hunter on me,” Justin replied.

“No way,” I said. “The guy lied to me for years. He can hunt on his own.”

~        ~        ~

“You never made it our meeting,” my realtor said over the phone.

“Sorry,” I replied as I entered Megan’s place. “It’s been a crazy weekend. Is the paperwork going well?”

“I need a couple of your signatures,” she replied. “I will email it to you now and you can e-sign.”

“Thanks,” I replied. “You’re the best.”

I hang up and walk into the kitchen.

“Have you two done it?” Megan asked.

My eyes go wide. “No, we didn’t and I don’t think that we will. Not sure how long this thing is going to last.”

“Because he’s a vampire?” She asked then.

I drop my bag from shock. “What?”

“Alex is a vampire. He will kill you rather than have sex with you,” Megan continued.

I stepped closer to her and looked into her eyes, which looked kind of cloudy.

“Don’t go,” Megan said, seeing that I was backing away. “I invited Acton inside.  He’s going to be back in a second. He said that he doesn’t want you to date a vampire. I think he cares for you. You should listen to him.”

I dialed Matt but don’t say anything, just have the line on.

“Why did you invite Acton inside? He scared both of us on the street outside the hotel?” I asked for Matt’s benefit.

“He did? He was just looking at the architecture of the place,” she replied.

“Where is he?” I asked.

“I’m here,” Acton said walking into the kitchen. “Your colored friend is beautiful. Her mind is so easy to get in.”

“You’re un-invited,” I snapped.

“That doesn’t work. Didn’t Alex tell you anything about us?” Acton asked.

I pull out a gun from my purse that Justin gave me. “Come any closer and I’ll shoot.”

“Go ahead. I won’t even move,” he said.

I pull the trigger and watch the bullet hit his clavicle. He yells out, surprise over his features.

“Wooden bullets,” I said with a smile.

“Now, you’ve made me mad. I wanted to turn you, but now I will kill you and then feed off your colored friend,” Acton snarled, charging at me.

The gun slips from my hands and Acton holds my neck.

“Invite me in,” Matt yelled from outside my window.

“Matt, you’re invited inside!” I whispered and then Matt punched Acton, sending him flying.

“My boss will be here any minute, I called him while I was on my way over here,” Matt snarled. “You’ve messed with the wrong vampires.”

“I have nothing against Alex. I just want the human, Amy. She belongs to me. I’ve marked her,” Acton wipes away the blood from his lip.

“She doesn’t belong to you,” Matt snarled.

Acton sniffs the air. “Shit. Got to go.” He then ran through the kitchen with Matt following him.

Alex walks in a second later his expression thunderous.

The End

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