“I want to know everything,” Amy gasps, after I break the kiss but keep a hold of her.

This was never meant to happen! Amy intrigued me, fascinated me and she wasn’t suppose to fall this deep with me or find out my secrets.

It was hopeless now. Mind control clearly didn’t work and the other the other option involved her blood on my hands and that was something I couldn’t bare. I couldn’t take away that light away from her beautiful brown sparkling eyes.

“You questioned before about the deal we’ve made,” I say holding her face.

“The other condition?” Amy said remembering and then the understanding becoming clear. “I wouldn’t say anything Alex.”

“I need to be sure,” I hold her gaze feeling my power brush over her skin.

“Alex...eyes shine.” Amy took a breath and held my gaze.

I lowered my hands then and Amy blinked.

“I...Thought you couldn’t control me?”

“I can’t. But I read you more freely now and just a small tie to make sure you don’t spill anything vamp related.” I say taking my jacket off and rolling my sleeve up. “Take your glove off.”

“Okay.” Amy said compiling at once.

How best to do this?

I went over to my side table pulling out a pocket knife and saw Amy’s eye widening. “Don’t fret love.”

“I’m not.”

“Then why is your pulse racing?” I rise an eyebrow as I walk back towards her. “A thin line of blood on both of our wrists presses together and a promise that you won’t spill any secrets is all that’s need. This won’t hurt.”

“Will this link me to you?” She asked finding her confidence again.

“Not really, hand me your wrist.” I hold my hand out and Amy placed her hand in mine exposing her wrist. I slit blade against my wrist then quickly and lightly as I could I broke into Amy’s skin pressing our wrists together.

I held her gaze again, “you will not tell humans of your knowledge of vampires.” Our wrists tingled with the power of my blood mixing with Amy’s.

“I swear that I will not tell humans.” Amy said and I heard the truth of her words saw the honesty in her eyes.

“And so it is done.” I said and remove our now healed wrists.

Amy looked at her wrist and gave me questionable eyes.

I shrug then hear the familiar steps of Matt approaching, then I open the door as he arrives and I smile as he hold his hand over his eyes.

“Dude, please say your not butt naked.”

“If only.” I hear Amy whisper to herself.  

“Have no fear Matt,” I say and watch him part his fingers before lowering his hand. I throw Amy a wicked smile and step back allowing Matt inside. “What can I do for you?”

Matt looks around the room, “Megan suggested that we all go out for dinner, be good to get to know each other.”

I considered this given the current predicament with Amy and now Acton swaning in here causing trouble.

“We was going to talk...through.” Amy stuttered realising this too.

“Come on I’ve been looking forward to getting to know you more,” Matt said and I notice his intake of breath. Matt turned away his eyes glimmered but ever observant Amy caught it.

“Alex is Matt?”

The human term of, ‘I wish the ground would swallow me whole’ seemed very fitting right now and I knew I had to smooth over the current vibe of the room.

“Matt sounds brilliant, go tell Megan and I’ll caught up with you very soon.” I tell Matt and wait till he leaves giving Amy one last look.

“He is no but?”

“I changed Matt over 80 years ago.” I say removing my dress tie. “You have nothing to fear with Matt and neither does Megan. He’s a good one.”

“And what about you?” Amy asks removing her shoes and her hair clips.

Interesting question I thought and mulled it over. “Everyone has their limits Amy.”

I leave her then after I undo her dress and here the water of the shower as I close the door. I go back to my office and rest my head against the door.

How the hell had this happened?  

Why didn’t I just walk away?

And why didn’t I kill Vincent straight away and in doing so kept Amy from finding out?

I changed  into a pair of dark jeans and a blue shirt. Matt knocked then not waiting for me to find him later.

“She knows.”

“Yeah I figured,” Matt said. “The girls smart.”

“Not smart enough to stay away though.” I say leaning against my desk.

“Would you want her to?”

~       ~       ~

The italian place that the girls picked was busy with loud families, huge queues and tables pushes together. However, after a quick eye flash with the host and a tip we were sat upstairs with only a few tables where couples sat enjoying each other company.

“I’m starving,” Megan commented looking over the menu.

“Was there not enough lunch sent up?” I asked her.

“A little too fancy and tiny portions. I could not be a model.” Megan declared.

“Oh I don’t know,” Matt said giving her a wink.

“Please don’t leave me in the staff room,” Amy almost pleaded.

“What’s this?” I ask finding her puppy eyes very amusing.

The girls laugh and I share a confused look with Matt.

“Just some of the teacher’s, they so so?” Amy looked at Megan for inspiration.

Megan swallowed her sip of wine, “they bore us to death.”

The waitress arrives then wanting to take our order.

I scan over the menu as Amy givers her order and I decide to test one theory. “I’ll have the garlic pitta bread to start.”

“Garlic?” Amy said all at once. “But you can’t.”

Matt hid his smile by drinking his beer.

“Why ever not love?” I push my lips together and rise an eyebrow challenging her.

“You should have garlic bread to,” Megan said, not understanding the reason.

Then Amy saw through my mask and she shook her head and I wondered if I should be 6 feet under with the look that she was giving me. “Have the garlic bread dear but don’t expect any kisses tonight.”

“Ooo she got you there dude.” Matt chipped in.

I turned to the waitress who had a very amused look on her middle aged face. “The soup of the day it is then, I can’t bare not kissing my wife and even though garlic pitta bread is delicious here.”

“Sure no problem sir.” The waitress says and walks away to the kitchen.

A sharp kick is given from Amy then and I can’t help the smugness of my face. The food arrives shortly then, conversations flows easy around the table and the wine bottle is replaced with another. I saw Amy hide a yawn behind her hand and decide to call it a night, it had been a busy day afteral and with a hectic week it seemed to be catching up with her.

“Come on sleeping beauty,” I stand grasping Amy’s hand.

“We need to talk,” she says then yawns.

“I’ll get Megan home safe,” Matt tells me. He was an honorable kind of guy and I knew he wouldn’t take advantage. “Megan, it’s been great getting to know you and thank you for today.” I take her hand kissing it lightly.

“You are a gentleman, Alex,” Megan gets up then hugging Amy and they say goodbye to each other before we leave.

It was only a short walk back to the hotel, Amy was slightly wobbly in her footsteps and held tight to my arm.

Edward was on the door as we went inside. “Good evening, not home tonight sir?”

“A meal with friends and this was closer,” I say and wish him well as go up to the elevator.

“I had a really good night.” Amy leans into my chest. “You have a heart beat. He never had a heart beat”

I smile at her bluntness and whisk us into the elevator. “That’s because he doesn’t have a heart, so to speak of anyway.”

“Then why do you?”

I roll my eyes. Did we have to do this now?

“Because my soul is still within me, regardless of what some may say, I am not heartless monster.”

“Alex you are no heartless monster.” Amy shot back and wrap her arms around my body.

Oh, my beauty in red if only you knew.

We made it to the room with Amy in my arms now, her eyelids drooping and her scent wrapping around me.

“I need to do my teeth and I need the bathroom.” Amy dropped her legs and she left. I pulled back the blanket, closed the curtains and left the light on low.

Amy came back the silk robe covering her body, hair brushed yet wild and rubbing her eyes. My shoes were already kicked off as I sat on the small sofa.

Amy lay on the bed her hand reaching out, “aren’t you coming to bed?”

“I’m good here, beside I’m going to move into the next room and log onto my laptop.” Track down Acton once you're asleep, have a short but simple conversation and then lose control ripping him apart.

Amy sat up then with stubborn expression that was mixed with puppy eyes. “5 minutes?” I wondered as I stood if she had the power of control in those dark eyes, Amy smiled and waited until I lay on the bed to settled herself next to me.

“5 minutes,” I say and then Amy places her head on my shoulder.

Amy sighs happily, “5 minutes.”

The End

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