Chapter 32Mature


The girls helped me get out of my dress and a maid rolled in a buffet table filled with foods. I cringed my nose at and decided to ignore it all together. My heart was still racing from our photo shoot and his words. The work ladies left and Megan said that she would have lunch with Matt. She seemed to enjoy his company.

The stillness of the room made it impossible to ignore the heat of my body or the annoyingly fast heartbeat.

“He called you beauty in red,” a male’s voice surprised me. “Cheesy. I didn’t think he could talk like that.”

I turn around to see Acton. “How did you get in?”

“Doesn’t matter,” he replied and eyed me up and down.

I blush and try to bring the silk robe closer to my body. “Get out or I’ll scream.”

“He changed the subject quick after you asked what he is,” he continued like I didn’t threaten.

My heart speeds up. “How… how did you know that I asked him that?”

“I have exceptional hearing,” he said and then he’s so close to me that I jump back and yelp, and then push at his chest. He doesn’t budge. My hand freezes on his chest, not feeling a heartbeat. “Also, tell me what was in that limo?”

“A dead girl,” I replied, shocked. Still not being able to feel anything.

“How was she killed?” He asked.

“Either suicidal or a real wicked man,” I replied.

There’s a knock on the door.

“Alex is like me,” Acton whispered and ran to the window. I watch him jump out and run after him to see that he landed swiftly on the ground without a scratch.  

Then Megan joins me on the balcony. “What you doing?”

“N… nothing,” I replied. “Is it time?”

“Yes, Veronica is on her way up,” Megan replied, watching me closely.

I smile. “Great. Guess that dress is waiting.”

“Did you like the first one? Alex loved it for sure. I watched his expressions and it looked like if he could, he would strip you right there,” Megan said.

I flip my hair back. “I know! It felt exciting. I wanted to tell him that I’m in love with him, the way he looked.”

“I think you said it with your eyes, hun,” Megan commented. “If he didn’t think that you have serious feelings for him, he probably figured it out, today.”


“Now place your hand on his chest, stand on your tip toes and lean in for a kiss,” Veronica announced our next pose.

I did as she said and pressed my hand, feeling for his heartbeat which appeared, unlike it didn’t for Acton. Alex gave me a couple of looks and wanted to ask because every time I could linger over his chest or graze my fingers on his hand, I lingered longer than necessary.

“I find your first dress more seductive,” Alex flirted.

“I figured this dress would be something that a middle-class woman can buy. You do want to hold weddings for middle class as well?” I asked him and watched his gaze fall to my see through portion of the dress that hid my chest and my neck.

“You’ve also chosen gloves,” Alex commented.

“I didn’t want anything to go wrong,” I replied.

“Stop talking,” Veronica scowled. “I need you to push Alex against the wall and kiss him. In this type of setting, it would be more fun to see the bride take the initiative.”

Thinking that it would give me another chance at Alex, I pushed him hard against the wall. His surprise was obvious at my sudden panther like behavior. I held one of his hands in mine, leaned in forward and kissed him hard. During our first shoot, I felt nervous, scared, and totally in love. Now, I am curious, strong, and want to get to the bottom of the mystery that is Alex. I may have joked about his identity to him, but with Acton, it all changed. I wanted to be sure that Acton was lying.

Why didn’t Acton not have a heartbeat when his body felt hot when I tried to push him away? Why did he say that he’s like Alex? How did he survive the jump? The only non human explanation was them being vampires. The kind from kid stories about feeding on blood, not having heartbeats, being super strong, sexy, and lustful.  However, vampires don’t exist. Do they? I mean I always that I was attacked by a man. A very strong sick man. What do these two men have in common? And, why with the knowledge of Alex being possibly not human doesn’t really matter to me? Am I really head over heels for him that much? Does he have me under his spell?

I break the kiss with a realization hitting me. Back at the limo, Alex said that the woman had her throat cut. However, it was obvious that it wasn’t the case. Well, not all of it because the whole limo was a bloodbath. He was surprised that I remembered the scene and that I drew it with such precision.

“Are you okay?” Alex asked me.

I smile. “Yes, just got lost in your deep ocean eyes, my love.”

“I wish we could have recordings of your love chat,” Veronica said. “But, we are taking photos. A couple more photos and we are done.”


“Done,” Veronica announced and started applauding.

Everyone jumped in.

Alex picks me up bridal style. “If you have questions, please ask Matt. My wife and I need some alone time after all the fun.”


Matt whistles.

“Can we have him fired?” I asked and giggled.

“No can do,” Alex said. “But, you may change my mind in our room.”

I laugh and hold on to him while he walks smoothly towards the elevator, and then to ‘our’ room. When we enter the room, Alex lies me down on the bed and hovers above me. My heart beats faster,

“Now that we’re alone,” Alex started. “I want to know about your bruise and your weird behavior at the second shooting.”

“It was Acton,” I said.

He looks surprised only for like a second because his eyes turned serious. “Tell me everything.”

“Can you get off me first so we can sit and talk?” I asked. “It feels weird talking with you hovering.”

He nods and we get comfortable. Then, I tell him everything.

“He’s a dead man,” Alex growled.

“Tell me how he heard me ask about what you are?” I asked.

There’s a slight hesitation in his demeanor.

“I saw him jump from the fifth floor balcony and not have a scratch on him! I felt his unbeating chest. I heard him say that you two are same!” I raised my voice.

“You imagined him jumping,” Alex said. “He probably just left fast.”

“Then, I also imagined that dead woman in the limo! That was no cut. That was a massacre. My attack when I was little. Everything's adding up! Tell me what both of you are!”

He gets up and pushes me against the wall. “I think you may know that answer.”

“What I’m thinking can’t possibly exist,” I replied.

“Enlighten me,” he ordered.

“A supernatural being like a vampire,” I replied fast.

He smiles, revealing fangs that weren’t there before. “What now?”

I touch his chest, feeling no heartbeat this time, though his heat and scent were powerful.

“Are you going to break our deal?” He asked, hiding his fangs.

“No,” I told him.

“Why?” He asked.

“You had every opportunity to hurt me,” I replied. “You didn’t.”

Then, I pull him in and kiss him.

The End

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