The knock at the door revealed a stressed Veronica, holding two dress bags and a shoe box. “Alex, we have little time before the shoot. Now, Amy has chosen her two dresses finally and I picked out the suites for you.” Veronica informs me hooking the dress bags up in the room and then finally turned her heart beat rising. “You’re all showered... Good. Matt’s suite is next door.”

“Thank you Veronica, is Leyla helping the girls?”

“Yes,” Veronica looked away her cheeks flushing. I sat on the bed with my laptop in front with the white robe loosely tied around my body.

“Very well then Veronica.” She leaves then no doubt to compose herself.

Another knock at my door and Matt arrives with a cheerful grin plastered on his dimpled face. “You won’t be disappointed mate.”

I raise an eyebrow in warning. “Your suite is next door and labeled.”

“I’ve sent the photo to you.” Matt clicked his phone shut and turned on his heel.

“Oh Matt,” I say, stopping him.

“Yeah boss?”

“That photo better be deleted and removed from your memory. I would hate to upset Megan, who’s looking forward to meeting you and that would be of great difficulty if you’re in pieces.” I said lightly but with the undertone of threat in my voice.

“Already vanished, I’ll erm see you in the lobby.” Matt left then to get ready.

I smiled, opening my message and clicking on the image of Amy in her very attractive undergarments. Matt caught her striking pose, the curves of her body, wild rich red hair and daring eyes. If only she was here now. I closed the screen, needing to get ready and stop thinking of Amy lying on these sheets.

After I was dressed in my grey suite with power blue waist coat, I went to the lobby and saw Matt talking to Frazer.

“And here he is. You nervous?” Matt joked.

“Very funny,” I say then Veronica comes over and pins a flower on me and Matt.

“Now go outside, your wife is almost finished, remember these are the private photo’s that you wanted. I can’t believe you didn’t take any on your wedding day. Honestly Alex!”

“We did but nothing like these and besides think how great this is going to be for us.” I told Veronica and lead Matt outside.

“Really?” Matt whispered disbelievingly.

“As far as the humans are concerned,” I say through gritted teeth and head over to the ceremony outside gardens. It was cornered off by blue ribbon to stop people being nosey and interfering. The cameras were already set the clicking sound could already be heard as we approached.

“That sound’s going to get annoying,” Matt said, under his breath as he smile.

“Just think these won’t take as long and you're not the groom.”   

Matt slapped his hand on my back. “And I get to talk to the lovely Megan in the meantime.”

“Such hardships.”

“Ah gentlemen, you're on time, fabolous.” The actor posing as the wedding registrar said, as we came down the aisle. His voice was far too high for my liking and I hoped he wouldn't have to speak too much.

Veronica appeared then giving me the thumbs up that Amy was here, the clicking of the cameras already told me that, “lights, camera and action.”

“Wow.” Matt nudged me and I looked up, seeing Megan walk down the aisle in a powered blue short dress and carrying a bouquet of white and blue flowers, who winked at Matt.

Then I saw Amy glide down the aisle. “I second that wow.”

Her wild hair held a diamond sparking clip, my eyes travelled down to her dress, her bodice had a silver thread design and huge skirt that ruffled at the side then flared underneath.

Amy looked stunning carrying a larger bouquet of blue and white flowers, their scent mixed with Amy already sweet scent made for an heady aroma. Amy stood next me, I took her hand kissing it hearing Amy intake of breath and feeling her pulse jump.

“Beautiful,” I say.

“Don't look to bad yourself,” Amy said back.

That was the easy part. Veronica came then with the head of photographers, we stood facing one another Amy holding her flowers, then I took the ring from Matt and held out my hand.

“My I have your left hand?”

I saw the hesitation for a split second and wondered why.

“Megan can you take these?” Amy passed the flowers to Megan.

I took the ring off Matt and held Amy's hand placing the ring on her fourth finger. I held both of her hands, as the cameras flashed away I rubbed my fingers on her hand and felt heat as I moved her bracelet, Amy tried to pull back, I kept my face composed and only moved when we were told.

“For the effect of the cameras you may kiss your wife again.” The registrar said joyfully.

We both smiled, coming closer, I reached up touching her face.


“Smile, my beauty in red,” I say and bring her lips to mine.

“Beautiful, you make a wonderful couple.”

Confetti was thrown into the air, we broke our kiss then and Amy’s face was smiling again. We walked down the aisle then with Matt and Megan linking arms as they followed us. The cameras snapping like mad.

“Right now the fun part.” Veronica gushed meaning that it was time for our photos.

Layla came over fussing over all of us, making sure that Amy's dress was shown well and straighten Matt's tie.

“Now everyone smile!”

Group photos were taken in the garden, lots of photos. Of Amy and Megan talking standing casually, posing for the camera, on their own and sitting in the stone wall. Mine and Matts were similar.

“Our photos now dear,” I say, wrapping my arms around her waist.

We sat on the grass picking up champagne glasses, holding her in my arms as we stood, I spinned her as we danced together, I lifted her by her waist enjoying her face filled with happy emotions and moved her swiftly so she landed in my arm.

I pressed my forehead against hers.

“We need to talk,” Amy whispered.

“Yes.” I say as I walk with her in my arms. “Your wrist is red.”

“Not that later.” Amy quickly dismisses me. “Is there anyone else?”

“Pardon?” I ask intrigued on where this was going.

Amy looked round with a smile, “it doesn't matter. Forget what I said.”

I pushed my lips together to keep my smirk from forming. “I won't utter another word, love.”

“You can put me down now. Alex? What are you?”

I dropped Amy’s legs, pushed her against the stone wall and grasped her face. “Not another word.” Amy gasped and captured her lips with mine. Her arms rested on my shoulders and her grip tightened as I pushed deeper with the kiss. I trailed my kiss across her jaw and down to her neck I held back then feeling her pulse under my lips.

“Alex.” I kissed her lips and heard a click of the camera.

“Perfect. Now quick break for lunch and change over. The finishing touches are done within the hotel.” Veronica voice interrupted.

“Be right there,” I say kissing Amy’s sweet nose. Veronica walks away. “The only woman in my life is you Amy. I wouldn't cheat on my fake wife after all.” I touch her face. and see the dazzling smile that lit up her eyes.

“I wouldn't cheat my fake husband either,” Amy whispered.

“Good or else I'd be having words with him.”

“Alex we are pushed for time,” Veronica called to us.

“We better get going.”

The End

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