Chapter 30Mature


“You look great,” Megan said, already wearing her blue maid of honor dress that looked great on her.

“I feel naked,” I replied as I looked at the mirror at my white bra, satin panties.

“Just think of it as a swimsuit,” Megan said. “Strike a sexy pose.”

I give her a look. “I rather do that in my first dress.”

The two chosen dresses hung separately from the rest.

“Oh, do you want gloves to cover up that bruise?” Megan asked. “Gloves will work with both dresses.”

I hold my wrist and shake my head. “They provided jewelry. How about a nice bracelet?”

Megan chose one and put it on for me.

“Now, you can strike a pose,” she said confidently.

I laugh and decided to have fun. I ruffled my hair, and turned around. My fingers were in my hair and leaned in forward a little, blowing a kiss at her.


Megan and I turn to the door to see Matt. “Oops.”

I look wildly around. “Did he just snap a photo of me?”

“I’ll be back,” Megan said and ran after Matt. Minutes later, she came back in with a wicked look.

“Did you erase it?” I asked.

“Alex asked Matt to take a photo of you getting ready. Matt said that he will get fired if he doesn’t bring him one, and as it stands, he will get a raise,” Megan said.

“My god,” I said, feeling my legs weak.

“Hey, the man wants to see you naked and that’s what I call progress. So which photo shoot is first?” Megan asked.

“Our private one,” I replied.

“Great! So let’s get you into a dress,” she said excitedly.

A woman walks into our room. I blush at her gaze.

“My name is Veronica, I will be helping you with putting on the dresses. We don’t have a lot of time so I’ll leave you in the caring hands of Leyla,” the woman explained.

A girl comes in then, looking around, and fixing her glasses on her nose. “Good figures, the dresses should fit nicely.”

Megan and I exchange looks. Looks like this is going to much different than what we had in our minds.

The End

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