We drove to the nearest bar, ordered a bottle of bourbon and sat in the corner where we could observe everything.

“What do you mean it didn’t work?” James lowered his glass.

“I couldn’t rid her mind of the whole event as would cause too many questions later on. That burning corpse planned too well and made it a public event.” I finish my drink. “I told her that the woman’s neck was slit viciously by a knife.”

“Oh, you dick.”

I slammed my glass breaking it, “and what would you of said? You’ve got all the answers haven’t you?”

James sighed and poured more bourbon into his glass. “When did she draw that?”

“The same night. Not long afterwards. I didn’t think anything of it then when I saw the drawing the next day.” I was staring at the picture of Acton tattooed hand. “I can’t believe the detail between the two.”

“I can’t believe you're losing your touch old chap.” I ignored James’s poor attempt of english accent. “You going to try again?”

“If needs be, Amy hasn’t mentioned the attack since it happened but I will wait and see.” I say putting the pictures down. “You going to be in town long?”

“Sending me on my way already mate?” James raises an eyebrow. The challenging look was there.

“Regardless of the fact it is good to see you, given your line of work after all.”

James’s lips twist into a knowing smile, “yeah you too. I just wish it wasn’t Amy.”

“Hey, I’m holding my hands up here mate, I did not start this and right now I don’t want to stop it either.” I thought about this afternoon with Amy, how she felt in my arms as we danced and how her scent stirred more than hunger to my senses.

“I’m going to head off now.” James stands stretching.

“Where you stopping?” I asked as I watch him empty his glass.

“Not in your hotel or house before you invite me,” James said, picking up his jacket. “I’ve got an small apartment I’m renting for the time being.”

“Classy,” I comment and pick up the bottle pouring some into his glass. “Will you let me know if anything comes to light about our mutual pal?”

“I will. You want a lift?” James said with a cocky smile.

“Why waste a good drink?” I toast the drink towards James and watch as he leaves.

The bar girl comes by then taking the empty glass, I catch her wrist and focus my attention on her brown eyes. “Don’t react.” I pick a shard of glass and slice it across her wrist allowing her blood to flow into the empty glass. No one was paying us any attention, I removed her wrist, “you cut your wrist on broken glass and now you're going to clean it up forgetting this ever happened.”

The girl blinked a sucked in a breath as she notice the cut, “excuse me I need to clean this.”

“No worries love.”

I take the glass to my mouth drinking her blood. “Losing my touch.”  

~       ~       ~

My beauty in red playing it cool at the saloon, I smirked just remembering her whispered words with Nadina and feeling her relief as I left. Amy needed to work on her acting skills, a vampire could smell a lie without it being told. I strolled across the street to the hotel, posters of our wedding event made people stop as they passed, some cops still lingered around the street but there was no way I would trust these clowns with my hotel and I nodded to the doorman as I entered.

Veronica came flapping towards me, clipboard and coffee cup in the other. “Alex,” she greeted then her eyes searched past me. “Amy?”

“Amy and her maid of honor, Megan are at the saloon relaxing before the hectic afternoon starts.” I tell her and pleased to see the hotel taking shape. “Work coming along nicely.”

“Thank you, now where are they getting ready, I need to send up the dresses for them to pick from.”

“The penthouse of course top floor exclusive suite,” I say trying not to roll my eyes. “I’ll be a few floors down, my usual room, I assume you’ve chosen my suites?”

“I’ve picked some for you to try and with the colour scheme that you told me.”

“I trust you to bring me two suites. Two colours. I haven’t got time.” I tell Veronica and head towards the elevator.

I think over what Veronica said about Amy having to choose her dress and as I look in the mirror of the elevator, a mischievous glint appears in my eye. I take out my phone and ring Matt who picks up on the second ring.

“Matt, I’ve got a job for you, mate.”

“Sure, Alex.”

The End

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