We walk outside together before I slam James up against the wall, “you followed me.”

“I had to see if this marriage as you call it was real.” James glared and pushed my arm away. “I went down to city hall and googled the internet but no evidence could be found to prove your so called marriage.”

Unbelievable. I took out my phone as I spoke, “do you really think I wanted very newspaper sniffing around, climbing on top of one another just to take a picture of Amy and I? We had a private ceremony, we just went away for the weekend and got married. Amy was stressing already about marrying someone like me and I didn’t want to apply any more pressure.” I made a swift eye movement to my hand which observant James caught.

“You texting your lady friend from last night whiles you tell me this?” James made a grab for my phone as I moved my hand.

“I already told you, she’s business,” I say and loosen my grip as he made another move and held my phone.

“Oh really then,” James said as he read my message.

‘The tree’s talk.’

“It’s true mate, I wouldn’t do that to Amy.”

‘I didn’t mean for this to happen.’

“Amy’s important to me, now her Aunt passed away, I’m the only one she’s got.” James says before reading on.

‘We’re caught in a web of Lies.’

James looked up and I finally saw the understanding in his eye. “Who’s decided on the honeymoon then?”

“Amy decided on Rome, she told Cassie once that she wanted to visit and well I could hardly refuse and let her down.” I said, carefully keeping eye contact with James making sure he was understanding.

James shook his head, baffled as he stepped away from me. “Of all the places she could have picked to visit.”

I smiled at his muttered words and couldn’t help but agree.

“I'm not happy about this,” James says, turning around. “Leave her.”

“I'm not taking orders from you, hunter.” My voice dipped at the end.

“I don't want to see her harmed from the likes of your kind.” James narrowed his green eyes.

“And you think I do? I've battled with the worse of my kind sight before you could walk, you don't need to tell me mate.” James sighed, knowing that I was a lost cause. “Amy told me about her attack.”

“She did?” James said surprised.

I shrugged, “last night I received a drunken photo of her soaked to the bone and I could see some kind of scar on her hip. I touched her hip today and I could feel it through her dress.”

The grim look told me that James had seen it. “Dog attack cover up.”

“Some rabid dog that I intend to put down.”

“I'll light the match for you bud.” We shared a knowing look then, our friendship didn't start well and was a rocky one at that but we had a deep understanding of one another.

“Speaking of, you might be able to help in search of a stray dog,” James started changing the subject. “Looking out for a guy and from what I have found out, he goes by the name of Acton.”

“False or true?”

“The only one I've found, not one of yours then?” James said reading my face.

“No one that I can think of,” I say wondering if the name sounded familiar. “What's his record?”

“I haven't got a lot of detail, besides the usual body count and lack of carelessness.”

“Young. Needs  proper teaching.” I muse and watch as James reaches into his jacket pulling out paperwork.

“A couple of my comrades trapped him in a warehouse but they weren't fast enough. One however, was able to catch some markings on his hands.”

I grasped the paper, “that attack the other night.”

“The dead girl in your limo?”

I take out the drawing placing it next to one on James’s paper.

“My deceased employee left her for me to find.”

“You saw this?”

“Mate, you know I can't draw.”

James looked back at the house. “What does she know?”

The End

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