Her intake of breath encouraged me to sink my fangs in deeper to her neck, with the feel of her pulsing blood under my lips I lapped up her blood and felt her hands going up to my hand. I grasped those wandering hands bringing them down to my hips and holding her there as she lent back to steady herself. I ended by licking the bite mark to close the skin, it wouldn’t take long to heal.

A heavenly sigh came from Melenna and I sat her down on the cough, “must you go?”

She wanted more. They always did. Only a few succeed.   

I left the club not long after and decide that I would indeed go home wanting the peace after the past day or-so.

~       ~       ~

I went to the salon the next day, I wanted to book an appointment for Amy this weekend and I managed to grab Nadine between clients.

“Back so soon Alex?” Nadine said, raising an eyebrow and led me into her work room.

“I’m actually here for…” I stopped breathing in a very familiar scent. “My wife, she deserves a treat and we’ve got a big weekend coming up at the hotel.”

“She’s lucky to have you as a husband, I wish all my clients’ husbands were as thoughtful as you.” Nadine said pulling out her schedule pad and flicking through. I strolled around the small room, my hand lingering on the massage table, sense that Amy had lay here and her bare skin in all its glory.  

“I can do a morning appointment for Saturday?” Nadine questioned.

“Make it early if possible,” I said bringing my attention back to Nadine.

“9:00 AM?”

I should maybe call Amy to check that she’s free that time of the morning. “Let me just call Amy.”

“Amy nice, I actually been teaching a girl with the same name.” Nadine commented and then glanced my way tilting her head.

I smiled then, “what did she say?”

“That she wanted to surprise her husband and didn’t want to feel jealous every time he came here.” Nadine shared my smile, “you don’t want me to tell her do you?”

“9:00 AM, thank you Nadine.” I wink and leave hearing Nadine how wicked I was.

~       ~      ~

As vampire’s we didn’t sweat like humans which was a blessing when carrying out physical activities. We did bleed however, which was an inconvenience as I spat mouthful of blood out whiles enduring Matt’s smug grin.

“You better watch your back mate,”I say watching as strolled away.

“Do you want a tissue for that lip old chap?” He throws back and then falls to the ground under my weight his smug smile snarled. Matt flipped over but I latched my hands around his neck pulling it to the side. “Match.”

I let go but slapped him around the head, “what have I told you?” I stand helping him up out of sportsmanship.

Matt sighed in annoyance, “until they burn don’t turn your back.”

“You need to remember that.” I scold and go over to the beer fridge popping the top and handing one to Matt.

“I forgot how nice your place was,” Matt commented taking in the large workout room that lead out to the pool and the garden. Behind that was the golden sandy beach and the cool unforgiving sea.

I opened my beer and picked up my phone seeing a few messages. “It’s not bad.”

“Jeez man, I hope I can have something this decent later in life.”

I reading through this weekend schedule, when an incoming text appeared with an image attachment. Leaving the schedule I went onto my messages and saw the image was from Amy. Was she googling wedding dresses? I wonder what she would look like in white...on white bedsheets, all that wild red hair on the pillow. It was a small image that didn’t look like a wedding dress, I clicked on the image and felt my mouth drop at seeing Amy on a mechanical bull.

“Well well. Would you look at that.” I muttered to myself but felt Matt’s gaze on my phone.

“What you got there?”

“Nothing for your young eyes.” I say and admire my Amy having a good time wearing sexy denim shorts, with a cute white top and black texan boots that accompanied her white cowgirl hat.

The phone suddenly rang in my hand with Amy’s name flashing across. “This should be interesting.”

“Heyyyyyy. How's your kitten? Purring?” Megan came loud and slightly slurred.

Matt looked round puzzled and mouthed, “what cat?”

I shrugged my shoulders in response. “I don't own an kitten.”

“No, Amy named your car, kitten.”

“Okay. Did she say why?”

“Because it purrrrrrs!” Amy purred down the phone. I chuckled and Matt threw me a look.

“Who is this chick?”

I ignore Matt and decide to humour the girls. “Kitten is tucked up for the night.”

Amy laughs highly down the phone and I hear a clump sound then a scatter sounds as if the phone was dropped.

“Amy had a bit much to drink”, Megan came back on the line. “She’s going on the bull again, don’t worry I’ll get her home safe.”

“To the man of my dreams!” Matt didn't need to guess who that may be as he just rose his eyebrows towards me.

“You girls ready to call it a night yet? I ask wondering if they were able to get home safely.

“Not yet. She needs to let her hair down. She hasn’t done something like this since college. Hey, do you like her, just a little?”


“I know the truth and all, and she fell for you weeks ago. She would go to your hotel and just hope to see you, for you to notice her.  I know the weekend is mainly for show and everything is for show, but umm try. I can’t form the words.”

“I'm going to send a car to come and wait for you to take you girls home,” I say and throw Matt his car keys.

“Okay. I think I need a shot. Oh go go go!” Megan chanted then the line went dead.

I shake my head, the influence of drink on humans was entertaining. “Get them home safe Matt.”

“I will. But, I think you need to tell me about Amy.”

“She's my wife.” I say simply and start to walk away.

“In what terms?”

“That is yet to be seen.”

The End

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