Chapter 24Mature


“You look like a girl in love. Maybe I should tell a lie like yours, but about the hot wrestler,” Megan said, after hanging up the phone. “Don’t worry I got you rice and tofu vegetables.”

“Thanks,” I said, putting down my bag and getting us wine. “But, don’t about the lie part. Alex is something. He’s sexy, playful, and really is taking our fake marriage seriously.”

“There’s another but coming,” Megan commented.

“But, he’s a great actor and it’s in his hands. He says when it’s over and when he’ll say it, I’ll be the only one to be heartbroken. He… he even is getting us a photo shoot for a fake wedding. You’re my maid of honor so no arguments.”

“You got it bad for him,” Megan said. “And of course I’ll be your maid of honor for your fake wedding.”

Well she took it well.

“Wait? What fake wedding?” Megan yelled after assessing the moment more.

I laugh and hand her the glass. Then, I spend about twenty minutes explaining about the weekend wedding extravaganza. By the time I was finished, Megan was laughing like a hyena and finding it totally entertaining.

“And here I was thinking my weekend was going to be boring and full of grading papers. You’re lucky that you’re off this week because fire alarm was pulled twice, I handed four detentions, and called parents. Sometimes I hate my job,” Megan complained.

“Don’t remind me. I feel like Cinderella, not wanting to go back to work.” I pouted.

“Okay,” Megan chucked her drink.

She didn’t finish because the food came and then she she smiled very evilly.

“Tomorrow, you’re meeting with a potential buyer and after school lets out, I’ll pick you up and we will go buy bridal bra and panties. Just in case the dress is short and you’ll flash the camera.” Megan winked.

“Just for that.” I finish my glass. “I’m choosing a long dress.”

“We’re still going,” Megan said.

“I know,” I replied.

~      ~      ~

“How were the buyer's?” Megan asked upon me getting into her car.

“A nice couple. I sold the house to them,” I told her.

“What?” Megan exclaimed.

“The wife is pregnant and they are young. They really liked it and could pay the amount that I was asking for. I wasn’t going to say no to a love like theirs,” I exclaimed.

“I still think that you’re an idiot. Maybe someone would have paid more,” Megan said.

“Don’t care. The house is almost out of my hair,” I told her and lower the window feeling cold wind in my face.

“Right,” Megan said and we drive in silence for the rest of the way.

“I am not buying that,” I said, scared.

“Oh yes you are,” Megan said.

“Those are not panties, those are, I don’t know what they are,” I said.

“Men love them,” Megan said. “I should know.”

I roll my eyes.

“I’m paying anyway. Consider it my wedding gift to you,” Megan said. “Oh, and we will get this and this, and this red, oh my he will love it.”

“He will not love it because he will not see it,” I growled.

“I saw the way he kissed you on your forehead last night. Consider it as fast dating, you two have something,” Megan said.

“Yeah, a lie of a lifetime,” I whispered into her ear.

“That both of you like,” Megan pointed out.

“I hate you,” I muttered.

“You love me,” Megan said.

After about an hour of embarrassing hell, she took me to Claire’s and bought a bride sash, cowboy hats, maid of honor sash, and pins. I had no choice of course and then I received an even bigger surprise after more shopping for boots and jean shorts with a sexy white shirt. She took me to a cowboy bar, with a mechanic bull, and we drank all night. Her logic was, fake wedding or not, I still deserved a girl’s night out. I got bruises from falling off the bull.


The End

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