“That was weird. Hi.” Amy smiled shaking off her confusement.

“Yes, we didn’t do that before. Hello my beauty in red.” I brought her lips to meet mine and kissed her gently. A few gasps could be heard from ladies, whose eyes would stray away from their husbands and admire me.  

“How do you know James?” Amy asked.

“We go back,” I said. “Didn’t you want to go car shopping?”

“Ah. I’ve decided to wait until the money from the house is in my bank, you can never be too careful with selling homes.” Amy gathered her bag from the floor checking that she had all of her belongings.

“Are you not stopping?”

“No, I only came because this is where James wanted to meet, while his friend had the meeting and I don’t want to become a clinging wife.” Amy teased with a wink.

“Let’s both go home then. I’m certainly done for today and besides our bedroom needs dusting, dear.” My wicked humor had Amy’s cheeks burning as we left the cafe. Two could play the teasing game my beauty.

I lead her to the parking garage, asking about her day and lightly skipping over mine.

“You best eat something more filling tonight. A sandwich is not enough and after drinking wine,” I stated. Humans needed to be more healthy with their bodies and I didn’t want Amy taking risks to fit in with others.

“Is this your car?” Amy avoided and went over to my grey BMW.

“4 series coupe`.” I answered and unlock the car, holding her door open. “I’m taking you to Megan's. Yes?”

Amy sat in the front taking in the interior. “Yes please.”

I walk round to the drivers side, climb in and start the engine, remembering to put my seatbelt on with Amy in the car.

The car roared to life and I drove us out of the garage and onto the main street.

“Does your car have a name?”

I turned at her odd question. “It’s a BMW.”

“No, not the model. Have you gave it a name?” Amy asked, lightly running her fingers on the armrest.

I took my eyes away from her fingers as I remember them on my neck last night. “Of course not.”

“Why not?” Amy gasps.

“Because it’s a car,” I say baffled by this conversation and yet enjoying the refresh. “Guess, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.”

“Such an honor.” Amy laughed.

“I was going to call you later and ask to meet you tomorrow but you're here now.” I start and feel Amy staring. “Don’t worry. You’ll like it. The meeting with Mr. West has allowed me to cater for people looking to marry at my hotel.”

“Wow that’s great, brilliant for business too and your hotel is perfect.”

“Thank you, I was hoping that you could help me.”

“Me? How?” I feel Amy’s interest grow.

“I want us to pose for the photos for advertisement and we can use these photos for ourselves too. What do you think?” I hoped that she would agree to this, it was a big ask afterall.

“Me?” Amy repeated shocked.

“Yes you, my beauty in red,” I said and look towards her as we come up to traffic lights. “There’s a wedding event this weekend at the hotel and I can pull a few strings. We have can two dresses. One for the ad and one for us. You’ll get to choose your dresses and everything.”

“Are you sure?”

“How many times yes.”

“Okay then yes I agree.” Joy fills the car and I drive with a smile on my face telling Amy about the other details that I had in mind.

I pull up outside of Megan’s house and then I get out to walk Amy her to the door. “I’ll let you know more details and you will need a maid of honor so don’t forget.”

“Oh yeah I will,” Amy said opening the door.

Megan greets Amy at the door, then Amy introduces me.

“Alex, great to meet you, would you like to stay for take-out tonight?” Megan asked and I can see why Amy is friends with her warm bubbly personality that shone through.

“And ruin girls night? I wouldn’t dream of it but thank you for the offer, Megan.”

“Any time.” Megan assesses me, but without lust that so many often do. “Really anytime Alex. Nice meeting you.”

“You too, Megan.” Megan goes in search of menus and I pull Amy close wrapping my arms around her.

“Make sure you eat. Have a good night, love.” I kiss her forehead savouring the scent of her skin and pull back.

“You too and don’t work too hard. Goodnight sweetheart. Tha-

I place my finger on her lips, “shh. Visit you in your dreams.” I whisper and take my leave watching her go inside before leaving.

“I need to find my own take-out.”

The End

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