While Amy sat with her breakfast, I went out to the nearest clothes shop, choosing a pair of jeans and a top that would fit. The area outside of my hotel was open again with the marking in the ground gone just as I instructed last night. I didn't want to lose any business after all. I then went back to our room. Amy had finished her breakfast and to my surprise was making the bed.

“Shall I bring you the duster?”

Amy spun round hearing my voice and I watched as her lips twisted into a smile. “Do you even know where it is. Sweetheart?”

Damn! She had me there! I laugh and hold her shopping bag up. “For you and before you say anything, it wasn't expensive.”

“I find that unlikely,” Amy muttered under her breath and only made me smile more. “Thoughtful of you.” She said collecting the bag ignoring my grin.

Amy left the bag as she went to the bathroom closing the door, I double checked the cream carpet making sure that I cleaned every drop and heard the wheels squeaking down the hall. I followed the noise to the cleaning cart and saw a duster, taking it back to the room, leaving in on the bed.

I hoped that it would make her smile. I leant against the wall in the elevator, my hand in my pockets with her drawing folded tightly. My phone was going insane in my pocket, everyone wanted my attention this morning and with last night dramas as well. The elevator stopped allowing people to enter, I stepped aside blocking out their bickering row and took out Amy’s drawing, focusing on the detail partially around the neck.

“Bloody hell.” Next thing I know the door opened and I was still standing, staring at the drawing.

“Sir, I've been trying to contact you, the reporters want information,” Mr. Greeves came flapping towards me. I folded the drawing back away.

“I've already been informed, Mr. Greeves. Tell Clark to organised security in 10 minutes. Oh, my wife will be down shortly. Make sure you greet her with respect.”

The surprise was evident on his face but he didn't question and carried his daily tasks. Mr. West appeared then coming over and engaging me in conversation. I wished him a safe trip home and checked my phone messages before going on to face the mob.

~       ~      ~

I was loaded down with paperwork later that afternoon, when my contact finally came through. “You have anything?”

“He had no connections that we can find.” The gruff voice responded.

“Look harder then. I want to know everything.”

“Sir.” The call ended not improving my mood and neither did my emails from the papers. I was able to tell the press about my wife, which seemed to distract them from the hotel.

My beauty in red, I wondered if her blood was beautiful sweet.

The door knocks I hold back a growl and allow them the enter.

“Guess who's just come into the hotel,” Raph said strolling into my office.

Amy flashed across my mind but by the look on Raph face I was wrong. “Possibilities are endless.”

“Penny Welsh.”

This pickled my interest, “alone or?”

“A male is accompany her and they are in the restaurant.”

“It would be rude not say hello.”

Making my way through the sea of business suites, I find Penny Welsh in the restaurant with the same male from the other night and wasting no time I go straight to their table. Both look a little startled, I rest my hand on the male’s shoulder and look directly at him.

“Me and Penny are old acquaintances, I just need a moment of her time.” The man smile and nodded.

“Penny,” I say and focus my gaze on her. “Let’s talk away from the table.” Penny stands and I lead her out to the hallway. “Penny have you been here before?”

“Yes.” Her voice was calm and even.

“Did you steal from the hotel?”

“Yes. I was told to.” Surprise flashed across her features and my interest grew.

“Who told you to do this?”

“I don’t remember.”

“Would you recognise them again?”

“Recognise who?”

Bloody typical. It was like talking to a brick wall, whoever the vampire was had compelled her to forget their identification and only remember coming here. Why though?

“This conversation never happened. We spoke of your parents anniversary meal that you want to book.”

“It’s their 30th anniversary and I wanted to do something special for them.” Penny blinked and her full emotion returned.

“I’m sure we can arrange that, talk to Mario he will be happy to help, now go back to your table.”

“That’ll be brilliant thank you!”

If I was human then a headache would be forming. First the mystery of Penny Welsh and now the attack on that woman with the strange symbol. I needed to sink my teeth into something and decide to do just that, when a commotion had me back tracking through the hotel.

The End

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