I had Mr. West eating from the palm of my hand, we were still sat at the table holding tumbler glasses of whisky and the conversation flowed with ease. Although, if Mr. West kept giving Amy the heated glare when he didn’t think I was looking, then he may be leaving here with a broken hand and with no idea of how he managed it. It was amazing how my response to Amy had become in such a short time and without even making her mine in vampire terms. When they danced together I saw Mr. West touch her at every opportunity, examining her with desirable eyes and the scent of lust and wanting waffled off him.

Nathaniel, our host appeared then with the paperwork for Mr. West and I finally saw the end of the evening in sight. I checked through the paperwork before handing it over to Mr. West, outlining our contract and watched as he signed. Amy’s eyes did not float over the paperwork which pleased me as she did not wish to find the meaning behind the meeting. I stroked her hand with my thumb, noting the weariness in her eyes and leant towards her ear, “not long now I promise.” A shiver went through Amy feeling my cool breath on her neck, before I brushed my lips across her smooth skin. At the corner of my eye, I saw her pink cheeks as they blushed and this gave the clue to Mr. West who then finished his whisky.

“I will say farewell now, was pleasure to meet you Amy,” Mr. West stood collecting his briefcase and putting the papers inside. “Alex, I wish you well in your new venture,” Mr. West held his hand out for me to shake.

“Thank you, I hope you have a pleasant stay here.” I take his hand and give it a hard shake with a silent warning.

“It was nice meeting you, Mr.West,” Amy said, appearing at my side. I let go of Mr. West’s hand and saw with delight as he flexed it a few times. “Thank you for the dance.”

“No thank you,” Mr. West left then going to his room in my hotel.

Amy sighed turning to face me, “will I ever see him again?”

“Not if I can help it,” I say and lead her out of the restaurant to the elevator. “Thank you for tonight.”

“It’s part of our agreement.” Amy smiled then went into the elevator pulling my hand.

I followed and caught her left hand looking at her ring. “Nice.” The ring was simple and I hope did not cost very much from the quality of semi normal style.

We were alone in the elevator, Amy’s pulse pumping her blood, her scent surrounded the confined space and all I wanted was her but I couldn’t allow that and held myself together hoping that Amy didn’t pick up on anything. I could feel her eyes on me and I remembered then to move my chest up and down. The doors finally opened, fresh air swooped inside allowing me to breath anything but Amy’s scent.

“Goodnight Sir, Miss Amy, get home safe now,” Edward waved us goodbye as we passed him in the lobby.

“Goodnight Edward,” I call out and hold the door open for Amy. “I thought we could share the ride home.”

“Oh, I can get a taxi,” Amy stopped seeing my expression. “Thank you.”

“No need to keep thanking me Amy, just accept it as my wife should.” I say, as the limo arrives and our driver Marcus steps out approaching us.

“Good evening Sir,” Marcus was a human in his fifties and in no danger of getting involved with Amy.

“How many drivers do you have?” Amy asked.

“Vincent, who normally drives, had to take leave for the good of his health,” I answer smoothly and feel that something was amiss in the air. I stood where I was breathing in deeply, Amy carried on walking to the door of the limo when the familiar smell hit me.

“Don’t!” I shouted but was too late as Marcus opened the backseat door of the limo. Amy cried out in horror, I was next to her grasping her back and turning her away from the bloody scene. A woman with red hair slumped on the backseat, lethal bite on her neck and blood dripped down her body. I flipped Amy around holding her head to my chest and held back the growl that wanted to escape.

It was chaos. The crowd on the sidewalk, hotel security, the cops were called and the press. We kept the door of the limo closed, not wanting anyone else to see the disturbing scene. Amy clung to me and kept her head to my chest I could feel her eyes watering. I needed to get her out of here fast. Marcus was pale, saying that he didn’t know anything about the poor young woman and the cops blocked off the area covering it as they removed the woman. I didn’t need to smell the woman to know who did this.

The killer was my recent ex-employee.  

I could hear that the cops needed to speak with us and I moved Amy back away from the pressing of people. “Amy,” I said gently bringing her face up and meeting my blue darkening gaze as I felt the pull of my power. “Blood. Blood covered her body.”

“But her...her neck…”

“Was slit viciously by a knife.” My voice was calm and doomed out any other noise and I wanted to push deeper but by the looks of her eyes I wouldn’t need to.

“Excuse me sir may we have a moment of your time?”

I blinked and turned round to face the officer, “of course, but make it quick I need to take care of my wife as you can see she is still in shock.

The questions didn’t take long and I soon had Amy in my private room in the hotel. Amy was remarkably calm as she spoke to the cops, keeping her story together and I was glad that I didn’t need to push too much on her mind.

“Through that door you will find the bedroom and bathroom, go and rest I need to make some calls.” I touch her face comforting her and she gave me a small smile.

“Okay Alex.” Amy said softly and went through the door.

I waited until I heard the shower before I made the call and person picked up straight away. “Where is he?”

The End

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