Chapter 18Mature


Alex escorted me to the car we made our goodbyes.It was Matt who drove me home, not Vincent. Wonder what happened to him?

I could still taste Alex on my lips. What a way to seal the deal.

“Matt?” I asked.

“Yes?” He asked.

“What does Alex do at his spare time?” I asked.

“He works too much, Miss Amy. However, he likes going out to get massages,” Matt replied.

“Oh,” I said, feeling suddenly jealous because no doubt that a lot of female hands have touched Alex’s bareback, muscular front, strong neck… I feel myself blushing and look outside the window at the passing traffic. I need to get a car, this won’t do. Maybe Alex can go car shopping with me?

When Megan saw my expression, I could tell that she didn’t know what was going through my mind. I told her everything of what happened and she smiled. Her words were, “Everything happens for a reason. Lucky you!”


The next morning I went to the “Diamonds Company,” to get my ring. I chose a ring that wouldn’t ruin my credit score and that I will be able to pay off in a couple of months. A silver string ring with one square diamond. Simple and yet beautiful.

After that, I went into the massage parlor and asked if private lessons were offered.

The house could wait to be sold and besides my agent was busy today with a pending sale.

The man agreed to give me a three hour session and allowed me to practice on himself, and his assistant. He explained about all the right points to hit on the neck, shoulders and upper back. For lower back and the spine, I had to return the next day. He, also, explained about the most consistent spots for aches after a work day which I needed desperately to know for Alex.


My phone rings after I leave the parlor and look to see Alex’s name. I swallow and pick up.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Darling,” Alex started. “Can you come in an hour for dinner? I have a dinner with a client and he would really like to meet you since you’re my other half.”

My heart began racing. “A client? Yes, I can make it. What should I wear?”

“Business casual dress and nice shoes. You’re married to a hotel owner,” Alex said. I had a feeling that he really found this whole situation amusing.

“Where should I meet you?” I asked.

“At the restaurant in the hotel. Just meet me at my table,” Alex said and hanged up.

I stare at the phone and run for the nearest store with nice clothing.


It takes about twenty minutes to choose a blue, business casual, short dress and black shoes with a black bag to go along with it. I made sure to get a big enough bag to store my clothing and that I could use for student folders in the future. It’s a good thing that my teacher gave me a hand massage before I left so my hands didn’t feel too horrible. After I paid, I changed in their dressing room and hid my normal clothing, wallet, and phone in my new black bag. Then, I made my way to the hotel, allowing my hair to dance in the wind.

When I walked through the front doors, I felt eyes staring at me, just like last night. Raising my head high, I head towards the elevator and wait patiently for it to arrive. I quickly text Alex to say that I’m waiting for the elevator and that I will be there soon.

When I enter the elevator, I lean against one of its walls and fix my short dress. Nerves are hitting me fast. The elevator arrives in the next minute and I walk past the hostand find Alex with my eyes.

I fix my black bag at my shoulder and walk towards him, feeling fear of our new relationship. Alex is alone, but there is a open napkin across from him and half full glass of wine. The client is here already.

When, I come up behind him, I run my fingers down his neck, making sure that metal band of my ring touches his hot neck, and then outline his shoulders, massaging the pain spots.

“I’m here,” I said shakily. “Sweetheart.”

Alex cranes his neck to look at me and smiles. He, then gets up and takes my hand in his, looking at the diamond.

“So, where’s your client?” I asked, looking around.

“Right behind you,” a male’s voice said.

I turn around.

“I’m Mr. West and you are?” He asked.

“Amy,” I replied and smile. “Alex’s wife. Am I late?”

Mr. West smiles and pulls out a chair for me. I sit down. “Not at all, dear. Tell me, do you work?”

A waiter stops by and I order a glass of red wine and fries. Suddenly, I’m very hungry.

“”I teach mathematics at Margarita High School,” I told Mr. West. “It’s a rewarding job.”

Mr. West looks at Alex. “You must tell me how you two met.”

I glance at Alex and takes my hand in his. “My Amy and I met at my hotel. She kept coming here with the other teachers for meetings and we have crossed paths. After a while, we decided to sit down and talk. Not realizing, we fell in love and got married.”

My Amy…

“I am very happy that you’re married, Alex. I only deal with married men and only after I see how they treat their wives. Amy looks happy and is still able to work though she probably doesn’t need to since you’re rich. Also, she’s not afraid to eat in front of us, so nice to meet a healthy woman. We can talk business after dinner, now I would like to talk with Amy and steal a dance,” Mr. West said.

I laugh and tickle Alex’s hand. “He may just steal me away.”

“I won’t let that happen,” Alex said, looking deeply into my eyes.

“Let us dance,” Mr. West said and I got up. “Alex, please order me number 10. Thank you.”

“Hunny, can you please order salmon with mashed potatoes for me?” I asked Alex and followed Mr. West onto the dance floor where for some reason they were playing country music.

“Know how to country?” Mr. West asked.

I raise my eyebrow questionably. “I teach high school, of course.”

The End

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