The limo driver messaged me just as he was leaving with Amy. I finished the last of my emails and logged off my computer. I straightened my shirt with the top few buttons open and made my way downstairs leaving my suit jacket open.

“You’re lookin mighty fine tonight Alex, meeting someone special?” Mrs. Davis commented as I walked past the elderly lady in the hallway.

“Didn't you get my dinner invite, Mrs. Davis?” I said making the old dear laugh.

“Mr. Davis must of hidden it.”

I waited in the lobby; running my finger along my ring, mind lost thinking about tonight’s meeting with Amy and an idea forming as I looked at a poster. Then she arrived. Striking, was my first thought as she entered the hotel.

“Sir, may I have a word?” I ignored Mr. Greeves watching as Amy approached. Confidence with a mix of the unknown flowed from her. “Sir?”

“Not now Mr. Greeves, I have a date,” I said and met Amy. “My beauty in red, you are looking lovely this evening.”

The red flash was evident on her cheeks matching her silk skirt. “Thank you, I didn't know what to wear.”

“It's perfect, I thought we could go out for dinner, I hope you don't mind. Only I didn't want an audience tonight.”

Amy looked round, feeling swift stares from my staff. “No, of course not.”

I took Amy’s hand noticing her smile and walked to the limo that brought her moments ago. Vincent nodded, opening the door for us, Amy went first and I saw the lingering stare in Vincent’s hungry eyes as the wind caught Amy’s hair revealing her neck.

Within a blink of an eye I slammed Vincent against the limo with my fist around his neck.

“Keep your eyes on the road or else I'll rip them out and feed them to stray dogs,” I snarled tightening my grip.


“Your scent portrays you.” I dropped his neck moving him to the side and run my fingers through my hair. I got into the limo, feeling Amy staring. “Drive.”

“We need to talk,” Amy said, as the limo pulled out into the evening traffic.

I turned to her, wondering weather to tell her about already knowing her secret and opened my mouth when Amy beat me to the punch.

“I feel as though I'm always thanking you, especially for yesterday morning, it was kind of you to step in and play along.” Amy looked down. “It was wrong of me to lie and drag you in with me when I hardly even know you.”

“Amy you don't need to,” I tried to cut in but she wouldn't give me a chance and placed her hand in mine looking back up.

“I bumped into Cassie at the salon the other day and brought back memories from school. Cassie was always showing off, boasting about everything and I just snapped wanting to be on top and show that she wasn't special just because she had a ring in her finger. I guess I just wanted something of my own to show off for once.”

We sat in silence for a moment, her hand was still on my mine, her pulse throbbing and I avoided staring at her. “I hope you're hungry.”

The restaurant was busy with people enjoying their evening meal, our host greeted us, showing us to our private dining table and I pulled Amy’s chair out as she sat.

“Bottle of my usual red Mairo,” I tell our waiter and take my seat opposite Amy who was messing with her napkin.

“Yes Sir, our specials this evening, lobster tails, salmon herb crust, and veal with seasonal vegetables.” Mairo informed as he handed us the menus before leaving.

“Have you ever been here before?” I asked to distract Amy.

“No, I haven't. Looks expensive from the outside,” Amy said giving up on playing with the napkin and opening the menu. Shock flashed across her eyes. “I was right.”

“Don't even think about paying anything towards the bill.”

Amy looked like a caught rabbit.

Mairo came back then with the bottle of red and asked if we were ready to order our appetizers  and main.

“Ladies first,” I say and taste the rich wine.

“I’ll… I'll have the quail eggs with asparagus to start, herb crusted salmon and what does that come with please?”

“New potatoes, fresh seasoned peppered vegetables.’ Mario tapped on his device.

“Sounds very good,” Amy said with a smile.

“The same but with the veal please, Mario.” I tell Mario.

Time to bite the bullet, I thought after a few moments of silence, aside from Amy’s beating pulse and my drumming fingers on the table. “I have a proposition for you, a deal if you will, of how we can work through this predicament that we’ve landed ourselves in.”

Amy took a breath steadying herself, “of course Alex, I owe you, so anything.”

Oh Amy, how brave of you to say that to an unknown vampire.

“Cassie is like a dog with a bone, from what I’ve heard and experienced. She won’t believe that our marriage has broken down and given our performance in the cafe today.” That moment of holding Amy’s gaze flashes through my vision before that woman ruined it. “I will continue to be your husband.”

Amy gasped, “you would really do that?”

“Only if you agree to the conditions.”

“What conditions?” Amy changed then as her mind whizzed with the possibilities and so did her heart rate.

“Nothing bad honest, just hotwire a car on the street and rob a bank wearing your tights over your head.” I joke then see the glare on her face.

“Not funny.”

Mario arrived then with our appetizers, I thanked him while watching Amy and Mario left us alone.  

I hide my amused smile, “I need you to be my wife in return,” I say getting back to business. “I also believe that we should make this as real as possible, liars always get found out and would only take one slip up and everything will go up in smoke.”

I pick up my knife and fork, Amy follows suite and we catch each other’s eye as we eat.

“Anything else?” Amy asks, only eating half of her meal and taking her wineglass.

“My business is private, so anything you hear or see is not to be repeated to anyone. If I find out then this arrangement will be terminated.” I watched as Amy swallowed deeply then. “There is one other, but for now think about my offer.”

“And if I refuse?” Her voice was steady, her eyes held mine and I admired her confidence.

Did I really want to do this? I could end this all now, with a flash of my gaze Amy could leave now thinking that I was a complete jackass and never look at me again. I clenched my hand that was under the table, as I found myself holding power surge that swept through me.

“Your mains sir,” Mario announced his arrival and breathed in feeling my power ease away.

“Thank you Mario, this looks wonderful send our compliments to the chef.”

“Thank you,” Amy smiled at Mario before he left.

“Then we go our separate ways, I don’t wish to add any pressure and I only hope that we can help each other.” I say and cut into my tender meat. “I will deal with Cassie to.”

“How would you do that?” Amy asks straight away surprised.

“Cassie came to my hotel the yesterday with her husband, snooping no doubt and she will come again so I could tell her then. Don’t worry Amy, I can take care of things.” I explain. “Your salmon is getting cold.”

Amy tucked into her dinner then and judging by her mouth watering face the fish was good. I didn’t finish my meal feeling too full of human food for one evening and poured more wine into our glasses watched as Amy ate.

“What do you teach?”

Amy looked up startled almost by my normal question, “I’m a maths teacher.”

“Stressful, hardworking and rewarding job, yes?”

“Yes, is this the other condition you was talking about?” Her red eyebrows fell forward.

“No, this is me simply getting to know you.” I watched as she thought this over. “How long have you been a teacher?”

And so the questions flowed into dessert that I declined, while Amy ate strawberry ice cream and I found myself listening to what she was telling me. Intriguing young woman.

Amy was finished, running her fingers up and down the stem of her wine glass when she spoke meeting my eyes. “I accept your deal.”

I stand up going to her chair no breaking eye contact, “are you sure wish to accept deal?”

Amy reached her hand forward and raised her eyebrow. Christ that look of determination mixed with heat and daring confidence amanpour fired her scent. This human woman was clearer than any other business deal I made with a vampire.  

I took her hand bringing her forward, wrapping my other arm around her back and tilted her head towards my waiting lips of command. Amy reach her hand to my shoulder to steady herself and I pulled her closer to my body tasting her red wine lips. Before I wanted more, I gently moved away keeping her close. Her face was flushed, blue eyes sparkled coming back to reality and her breathing unsteady.

“A kiss to seal the deal,” I whisper and uncurl my arms taking her hand and leading her out of the restaurant giving Mario a healthy tip on the way out.

The End

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